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He Got Style: Music Meets Runway 2015 (Lagos, Nigeria) Edition

I was invited to what I refer to as my ‘Favourite Music and Fashion Party’: Music Meets Runway (Lagos, Nigeria).  Sadly, as I was in Virginia doing the Family Thang I was a No Show at the Plush Extravaganza.  I was a tad gutted about this, as being the event’s 5th edition, I knew it would be even bigger and better than their last year’s shindig.

MMR went down on Tuesday, 22nd of November 2015 at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.  The Who’s Who of the entertainment industry in Lagos like Oluchi Orlandi, Stephanie Coker, Ono Bello and Seyi Shay were treated With performances by in-demand artists like Lil Kesh, Wizkid, Victoria Kimani, Darey Art-Alade and more; whilst several designers like David Tlale, Mademoiselle Aglaia had models stalk the runway in their latest collections.

One of the reasons I love this event is because judging from what I witnessed last year: it tends to draw a very experimental and diverse crowd of men, and had I been able to attend the event, I would have been bouncing from wall to wall with my camera taking pics with gusto.

And without furtherado, lets take a look at the dudes that make my Best Dressed list:

‘Here Comes The Men In Black, Galaxy Defenders…’

This Bobo (dude) gets major brownie points from me.  From head to toe- it all works honey.  I’m loving his Buba (top) and Sokoto (trousers), and ooooh can I see a hint of skin underneath.  Top that of with a ‘Look At Me’ hat, simple but effective metal accessories and those ‘I’ve Arrived’ golden loafers and you have the Best Dressed Male of the night! Ps have I told you how sexy I find men who dress in Trad…

Nigerian Black Bubu and Sokoto

I am totally into the bondage shoulder straps that adorn this dude’s top. What I am not so into is his overly manicured beard and sunglasses.  But I give him a pass because of the impecable fit of his clothes and did I mention how into those bondage shoulder straps I am?

All Black Menswear Style


Suited, Booted and Allll That

Its rare that I see men in Lagos taking this rock n’ roll approach to a suit and I’m all for it. That black skinny tie makes all the difference and I love the simple mix of slate grey and black here.  His hairstyle and glasses are cute too…

Grey Suit and Black Skinny Tie Style


As a whole this look ticks a lot of my Menswear boxes: tailored shorts, bow tie, kerchief, statement glasses…I do wonder if I would have loved this look even more if he was taller…hmmm, food for thought…there is something D & G fabulous about his monogrammed loafers…He also gets major snaps for his Afro side parting, that’s my kind of Geek Chic!

Menswear Blazer and Shorts Style

What does it for me is his Fresh Prince of Bel Air haircut…I diggity dig that.



The Wild Card

Question: What do we think of this Camouflage blazer? I don’t know what I think of this look….do I loathe it, did he pull it of?  Can camouflage ever be tailored effectively or does it just belong in trench warfare? But that’s exactly why I added this last look, for me its at the very edge of good taste and about to fall off into Bad Taste Oblivion but I like the way it makes me asks questions.  I don’t even know if I like what’s happening on his feet, but I see the thought and colour co-ordination that went into this ensemble and for that he makes my list.



And now over to you, who makes your Best Dressed list?

Ps this is my last post of the year…Wow, can’t believe I just wrote that…hard to believe that 2015 is inches from bidding us Adieu! And to that I say: HAPPY NEW YEAR, have a blast and can’t wait to see y’all in 2016!

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