Eating Healthy Ready-Made Meals with Personal Chef Berlin

For a lot of us, due to health and other reasons like the ‘Lockdown Blues’- our relationship with food can be described as ‘Complicated’ at best. That’s why I’d like to recommend Personal Chef Berlin’s healthy ready-made meals which have helped me deal with a busy lifestyle and complicated health diagnosis. Continue Reading…

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How I Came To Use Personal Chef Berlin

Healthy Custom Meal Plan With a Personal Touch

Benefits of Personal Chef Berlin

A Little More About the Brand

Personal Chef Berlin’s Limited Discount Code Offer!

healthy ready-made meals

Butternut squash soup

How I Came To Use Personal Chef Berlin

Personal Chef Berlin is a premium healthy meal delivering service that lives to “nourish you through freshly prepared, wholesome dishes made with seasonal ingredients.”

But before I wax lyrical about their benefits, let me explain why I turned to this service to transform not only my body but my mind.

You see, what had happened was…

Quite simply, in summer 2020, I got a life-changing health diagnosis. It came with new doctors that had to be seen, organs that needed to be tracked, strong medications that had to be taken, and food that was best avoided.

healthy meal prep

On top of that, I had two streams of income to manage, one of which was a full-time job. The combination of that and trying to keep up with my weekly regimen which included my SEO training lessons, physio sessions for my knees et al had me, well, had me fucked the fuck up.

Needless to say, for a while, I ignored the food recommendations I was given and ate what I liked. I rebelled against myself if you will. And in the end, I experienced all that comes with extreme bloating and flatulence. And mentally, mentally I was a mess – ‘you are what you eat’ after all.

And then one day I stumbled across Personal Chef Berlin on a Facebook Group thread, sent an email to enquire about their custom plan (one of their three types of meal plans), and the rest is history.

Healthy Custom Meal Plan with a Personal Touch

The email I sent to Personal Chef Berlin was followed by a call by the brains and heart behind the brand – Chi You.

During this call, we discussed topics like my health diagnosis, the foods I’d been advised to avoid, and how many meals I wanted per day. After that call, Chi sent me a custom meal plan proposal and the price. She also set up a Google spreadsheet where she wrote the foods that were to be avoided, as well as meal suggestions for our first week.

This was what I needed whilst dealing with a complicated and stressful health diagnosis, not to mention a busy work schedule – a personal touch.

Christmas menu

My festive 2020 menu, with my name on it – how’s that for a personal touch? ( :

Meal prep menu

Starting the year right with yummy and nutritious food!

From our first detailed call to the convenience of getting tasty and nutritious meals delivered to my doorstep (that come with a fancy menu) – it’s finer points like this that make the bang worth the buck.

My relationship with Personal Chef Berlin has and continues to be a journey because I am an extremely fussy eater. However, as I told Chi, I also use her service to try new food and push myself out of my comfort zone. This has led to bumps across the road when I’ve experimented with meals I did not like but it’s also led to some great moments of discovering healthy dishes that I had no idea that I’d love.

Here are some of my favourite healthy ready-made meals Personal Chef Berlin has introduced me to:

Examples of Yummy Chef-Prepared Healthy Meals

  • I’ve never been a soup person but with Chi’s recommendations I’ve discovered I’m down with soups like Thai creamy sweet potato and leek soup
  • Beef stuffed bell peppers (I snack on these – they are filling and not fattening, ergo I STAN)
  • Roasted sweet potatoes and parsnip fries
  • Zucchini noodles with ragu bolognese (I love the mind trickery of this meal – a spaghetti-inspired meal minus the carbs, erm – YES PLEASE!

Roast potatoes

Benefits of Personal Chef Berlin

The benefits of healthy ready-made meals have been:

  • Getting the support I needed to see that my health diagnosis didn’t have to be a life full of uninspiring and boring meals
  • An improvement in my mental state because when I don’t eat well, it takes a toll on how I feel…especially in winter…during a seemingly neverending lockdown
  • Losing some weight (so said the photographer from my last fashion shoot). I’ve deliberately not focused on weight loss in this article because what was more important for  me was developing a healthier coping mechanism to manage (and thrive!) my diagnosis
  • I lead a very busy life and it’s great to know that one thing I don’t need to worry about is what I’m going to cook for my next meal

*FYI – it’s possible to have a weekly meal plan subscription or one-off order.

black woman laughing

PS I gave up alcohol over a year ago, the wine here is for the shot ( ;

A Little More About the Brand

Originally from South Korea, the founder of the brand – Chi You – credits her mother for teaching her how to “make food with love” and what it should taste like.

Her many travels to places like Seoul, Ibiza, and Chicago also helped to shape and develop her taste buds and culinary skills.

Personal Chef Berlin’s attention to sustainability and healthy produce distinguish it from competitors. Meat and vegetable ingredients are sourced only from local suppliers with sustainable practices. In addition, Personal Chef Berlin’s eco-friendly ways can be seen right down to its delivery with its reusable food packaging.

yummy winter food

Personal Chef Berlin’s Limited Discount Code Offer

Personal Chef Berlin and I have teamed up to bring you this limited discount code offer –  make an enquiry via the site’s Contact Form quoting the code – MYFASHIONSLASHLIFE – in the message box and you’ll be eligible for a 10% discount for your first weekly subscription or one-off order.

Just enter the code at the website’s checkout to claim your discount.

Offer lasts until Friday, 5th February.

If you have any questions or need further clarification before you contact Persona Chef Berlin, do let me know in the Comments Section below.

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Photography – Special Thanks to Jude Temianka