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How Do I Cover Up A Birthmark On My Calves?

Dear Biki

I have a fashion query- I have a prominent birthmark on my calves.  For an occassion coming up, I want to wear a short dress but I don’t want the birthmark to show.  Are nude stockings the only answer?  It is Summer here, so would that even be fashionable?



Dear Universepersonified

If you want to cover a birthmark on your calves, nude stockings are just one of the many solutions you haveRegarding the temperature that you are in right now, I will assume that the Summer you are experiencing is one that is giving way to a cool breeze.  If it isn’t and you are in the thick of a blistering hot summer then tights are not an option, as you won’t feel comfortable with such a cover-up.

So assuming that you are experiencing a cool summer right now, I will focus on nude tightsPersonally, I have never favoured this option of cover-up for the legs.  I find it adds years to one’s original age, which is not sexy.

If you want to explore this option, my advice would be to stick to a matte as opposed to glossy pair, as modelled by the lady below-

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The lady above is wearing a pair of nude H&M tights.

Kate Middleton’s, who is constantly in the press for her choice of outfits, also favours wearing nude tights on her many outings-

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If the weather you are experiencing permits, I would advise wearing black opaque tights instead.  I find them more flattering and stylish.

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As Natalie Portman illustrates above- wearing black opaque tights gives one more interesting colour combinations to experiment and play with, with your ensemble.

Apart from wearing tights you do have other options to cover your birthmark when you wear a dress during the summer.  Apart from finding a dress that is long enough to cover the birthmark you could try cover-up body makeup.  On this area, I am not an expert but I know there are several options out there, which include MAC Body makeup and Sally Hansen’s spray on stockings.  My advise to you would be go to on the web and Google the topic to see your options and most importantly- read people’s feedback of such products.

Also if you are ever looking for a more permanent solution to conceal your birthmark without surgery, this article from may be of interest to you-

And finally, my advice to you would be to choose an option that makes you look stylish, is the most flattering for your legs and makes you feel comfortable, as opposed to the more ‘fashionable’ option.

Good luck!