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How do I style my short Afro hair?

This question has been driving me insane, so many people (Caucasians, mainly) think that having Afro hair is so ‘cool’ because when we wake up every morning, our hair looks like this-

However my hair is most definitely not of the microphone Afro variety and I’m still trying to work out just what it is.  Whilst trying to figure it out, I have had to hear some harsh truths from hair stylists concerning my hair, one is that my natural hair will never- despite how many rollers and straws I stick into it- look like this-

So no soft, spiral curls for me then, what to do?  I’ve always admired celebrities who manage to look stunning with their chic, pixie-like hairstyles and for me, Halle Berry is one of the best of them.  However, to achieve the below straight finish, I will have to put chemicals in my hair and for now, I want my hair to stay 100% natural.  A few decades too late, I finally want to learn how to deal with what the good Lord gave me and learn, somehow, to love it.  So this look is not an option for me either-

How about doing an Ace Ventura quiff?-

Well first of all, I believe I would need to have my hair straightened to achieve that kind of sharp finish and secondly as the winds are blowing with great gusto in Berlin, I believe this hair style has a very short shelf-outdoor-life.

I could do an ‘ol school Sisquo (Big Brother UK, really Sisquo, ok, back on topic) and dye it blonde

Well not only does full on blonde not suit my complexion, (unless I want to look like I wandered of the set of a Beenie Man dancehall video), I can’t achieve those curls naturally…I don’t think.

‘Fro Hawks are a versatile go-to afro hair style and I would love to cornrow the sides of my hair to achieve this look, but the whole point of going natural was to leave every strand of my hair well alone-

I am getting quite desperate now, how about I do what every high fashion magazine does when they get a black model with a strong face, i.e do a ‘Grace Jones’

Or better yet why don’t I just shave everything of, that way I will have no more hair style woes.

Ok, I have to stay calm and positive, the ‘Grace Jones’ look is great for me at night when I’m at my ‘fiercest’, so that’s my night look done.  What about during the day or when I don’t feel like making such a razor-sharp statement?  I like the look of this-

I wonder if I can achieve those curls naturally, I don’t want to get too excited, I have to be ready for the hair stylist to let me know again, just how limited my hair choices are, now I’ve undergone the snip.