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How I style my Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

So if you’ve been following my blog, you would know that I am rocking my natural Teeeny Weeny Afro (TWA) at the moment.  P.s that terminology was made known to me by my readers and I love it!

Throughout the years and with the various hair styles I have sported, I have always found that my hair style dictates my over all style during the short period I have it– short becase, everyone who knows me knows that I am the Madonna of changing hair styles.

Currenly with a TWA, I have a lot against me like the increasingly cold weather in Berlin and being time poor and cash not ‘minted’.  I also feel that with having a short hair style, the risk of being confused for the males species is higher.  Consequently, I have to think outside the box to ensure that the world sees me very much as a WO!-man with my TWA, and not a filler in for Glee’s, Coach Beiste-

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So I’ve decided to share my tips on how I currently style my TWA and over all look on a budget-

1. I have learnt that with a good imagination (if you don’t have any, start collecting black magazines like Essence), a blow dryer with an attached comb, and oils (I’m using Almond Oil at the moment)- one can do interesting things with a TWA.  At the moment, this is the picture I am using for inspiration-

2. I strongly believe that in general and especially with a TWA, accessories should be your best friend.  These days when I style myself at night, I am hugely inspired by 80’s rock hair bands; songs like ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Deff Leopard and ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper play in my mind, which encourage me to don black lace gloves, ‘Look at Me’ headscarves and earrings that jingle-jangle-

When it comes to where to get unique,eye-catching headscarves, look no further than vintage shops and markets.  I got this red and gold beauty from vintage shop, Rokit in London for a fiver.

 When I lived in London, I tended to get a lot of my statement earrings (like the ones below) from Topshop which sells great, affordable accessories.

I am a huge 80’s fan and icons like Madonna and Michael Jackson have made me rarely depart my house at night without a pair of black lace gloves.  This pair is from Claire’s Accessories. The silver cuff was a gift, if you have a TWA and your birthday is coming up, it will be in your best interest to tell close friends and family to get you statement accessories for your birthday.  If your birthday has long gone, Christmast time is coming sweeties.

3. Maybe its the fact that I can’t toss my locks behind my shoulders that makes me very much into creating movement with my look at the moment.  This has led me to wearing my Halloween cobweb cloak as part of my evening ensemble-

I purchased this piece of D-R-A-M-A for 20 euros at the Galleria Kaufhof shopping mall.  Now this look may be a bit much for some, but the motive behind it can still apply to you- find a piece of clothing that makes you feel fabulous.  And for those whose TWA makes them feel less attractive, wearing something that’s full of pizzazz will give you that confidence boost.  Yes, yes confidence comes from within but sometimes it needs a little boost to shine!

4. Speaking of beauty coming from within, I feel that with a TWA especially, one has to have a good, healthy beauty regime as your face is pretty much displayed in sharp relief.  Now, although I love hair and make-up, I am no expert in Beauty. However I can say that when rocking your TWA, ensure your eyebrows are on point and there are hairs on your head and not your face.

Make-up wise (and I will take pictures of the products soon, so bare with me), I tend to use products to high light and dramatise my eyes, whilst keeping my lips as natural looking as possible.  One of my favourite colour pigments to use on my eyes is gold and purple and for that I use MAC’s great duo eye shadow called, ‘Odd Couple’.  Also during my TWA period, I would be lost without Revlon’s ‘Luxurious Color Black Velvet Eyeliner’. 

Finally I have to say that the cheapest thing to do to look good with a TWA is to smile- be happy.  Even if you are not truly happy, fake it until you are by adopting acting skills to rival multiple award-winning actress, Hilary Swank.  Remember that with a frown, you are not only the moody b****h with the frown, you are the moody b***h with the frown who has a TWA.