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How Much Does It Cost To Be A Fashion Blogger?

Ladies and Gentleladies lets get down to the nitty gritty: how much does it cost to be a fashion blogger? Now I’m on my self hosted platform and revamping my content, I realise more than ever that fashion blogging don’t come cheap. I’ve taken to the web to read more on the topic, but I’ve found the net mainly tends to focus on top-tier fashion bloggers and what they are earning and spending. But what about bloggers like myself, i.e. ones that don’t have photographer or camera men contacts, so have to reach deep in their pockets to pay for these services or ones that are not on PRs radars, so have to pay for their own clothes? Continue Reading to see how much it costs me to be a fashion blogger…

Business Cards

For 150: 110 Euros


Canon Powershot G16: £400

Voice Recorder

Olympus: 30 Euros

Photographer Costs

x 3 Personal style shoots plus retouching: 100 Euros

Film Editor Costs

x 2 5 mins YouTube videos estimated cost: 500 euros

Going From to Self-hosted

Blog design and developer costs: 190 euros

Template: $49

Self hosting service platform (Site Ground): 7.95 Euros a month

Annual hacker protection: 126 Euros

Domain Name

Bluehost: $85.68

As you can see, it costs a pretty penny to be a fashion blogger.

I left out certain expenses like taxi costs for when I do my shoots and don’t want to carry my suitcases on my head. Side note, how do those traders back home (Nigeria) balance those enormous products on their heads and walk jejely down the street? But I digress… I also didn’t add clothes and accessories costs because as of yet, I don’t buy those pieces for my personal style shoots. If I see something, I buy it and then later on if I decide it photographs well, then I do a shoot: ya get me?

Ladies and Gentleladies can we talk? Isn’t investing in your hobby/side hustle/project etc a biiiiatch? I mean, from reading other articles on this subject I know bloggers who are looking to go full-time put in a lot more money than me to make that -ish happen. But money is all relative innit, what is peanuts to Ms X, may be a hell of a whole lot to Ms Y…Quite frankly, what I find terrifying is because I now have a full-time job in Berlin (OH YES, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS!!) and I want to slay the role, the time I can put in my blog is limited and that may affect the financial investment I’ve put into it…#YingYangOfLife

Anyhoo, over to you: how much are you guys feeding the beast that is blogging? Has it been worth its weight in gold? Do tell, I’d love to know!

Till Soon