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4 Ways To Find A Fashion Photographer for Your Fashion Blog, Instagram Etc.

If you’re a fashion blogger who promotes his/her personal style on social media, it’s likely that you’re frequently on the hunt for a good and affordable fashion photographer. Pinning down a fashion photographer is no easy feat. In this article, I share 4 ways on how to find a fashion photographer. Continue Reading…

how to find a fashion photographer

Scrolling down your #personalstyleblogger feed on Instagram, you could almost be fooled into thinking that fashion photographers pretty much fall from the sky.

As far back as 2011, there were about 173 million blogs and a heavy chunk of that were fashion blogs. In 2019, I’m sure those numbers have more than doubled in every blogging niche.

There are thousands of fashion bloggers on Instagram and for many on a daily basis, they are belting out quality fashion pictures. These images tend to be shot in ‘Grammable’ locations, the photo quality is on point, the blogger’s clothes and posing is giving high fashion magazines like NUMERO  a run for their money.

how to find a fashion photographer

Just how are these fashion bloggers managing it?!!

Some don’t even blog full-time and yet are able to produce great images on a regular basis. How did they find their fashion photographers?

If this question hasn’t plagued you, it certainly has bugged me. When I worked full-time as a fashion stylist, finding fashion photographers was much more straight-forward. For one thing, when I lived in London, there was great website called (RIP) and it connected creatives who wanted to do a test, fashion editorial etc. When I was selected for fashion editorials that had budgets,  I could reach out to creative agencies that represented photographers, stylists and the like.

how to find a fashion photographer

Furthermore, when I was commissioned by a magazine to produce and style a fashion editorial, in some cases, they would put forward a photographer which would cut down my leg work.

Now I blog on the side, it’ a totally different ball game. From my experience, now it’s so much harder to find a good and affordable fashion photographer. When I began looking for a fashion photographer I soon found out that the mid-level to senior ones with great editorials and commercial work under their belts were mainly interested in big budget shoots and were more keen on working with high-profile fashion influencers. That put me at the back of the line. Way back.

how to find a photographer

So How are Fashion Bloggers Getting Their Shots?

From reaching out to a bunch of bloggers and fashion influencers in my network, I found out that a lot of them get their shots by:

  • Learning how to take self portraits and/or shots of themselves by themselves
  • Asking a friend
  • Getting their partner to double as their photographer

This put me at a disadvantage, no matter how many YouTube videos exist on how to take pictures of myself by myself – I’m not going to learn how to do that anytime soon.

And the gods have not yet taken pity on my relationship status. I ain’t got no boo to take pictures of me.

I have asked a friend on a few occasions to take pictures for my blog, and for the most part he/she has been happy to do so. However, this is not an option I like to rely on. Once in a while is fine, but you are bound to put a strain on a friendship if every time your friend meets up with you for a catch up, you whip out your camera and launch into a multitude of fierrrrrrce Insta poses.

Despite these obstacles, I was determined to find a fashion photographer in Berlin to take pictures for my blog and other social media platforms. In the end, I’ve managed to find one that I work regularly with and I’m currently on the hunt to find one or two more. It was no walk in the park and I’d like to share my tips on how to find a good and affordable fashion photographer with you.

how to find a photographer

How To Find A Fashion Photographer For Your Blog, Instagram etc.

  1.  Utilise Instagram’s Search Tab Function

Doing this has worked out well for me and certainly improves one’s research skills.

In order to get the best results (for e.g. find a fashion photographer in your area), use hashtags a fashion photographer may use when posting their images. For example a London-based photographer may use hashtags like #Londonphotographer.

Avoid generic hashtags like #fashionphotographer as that will pull up thousands of photographer around the globe.

Speaking of Instagram, Follow me here.

how to find a photographer

2. Go to Fashion Events and Network

If you attend a fashion event, it’s likely to be swarming with fashion photographers who want to capture the event for their private use or for the brand behind the event. They could also be on the lookout for their next muse – which could totally be you ( ;

Want to have the photographer come to you, instead of the other way round? Then dress to impress.

I’ve been to several fashion events where photographers have approached me to take pictures and I’ve struck up a conversation with them, taken their business cards and then contacted them at a later date.

how to find a fashion photographer

3. Visit the Instagram Pages of Fashion Bloggers in your Area

Personal style/fashion Instagrammers tend to give credit to the photographer they worked with in each post. This can be very useful if you are looking for a fashion photographer in your area.

Using Instagram’s Search tab, find out the fashion bloggers who live in your area. Then by process of elimination, hone in on the ones who have images you like. When you see an image that takes your fancy, study the credits and hashtags to see if the photographer is credited. It’s most likely that he/she used a photographer that resides in your district.

how to find a photographer

4. Join a Fashion Blogger Facebook Group

I must admit I’ve not reaped many rewards from joining Fashion Blogger Facebook groups.

However, these groups do provide an opportunity to ask questions to a large number of people who share common interests. So, it’s a good opportunity to ask the audience for fashion photographers they would suggest working with.

In case you are wondering, the most successful method I’ve found for sourcing fashion photographers for my blog has been using Instagram’s Search tab and typing in relevant hashtags. The photographer who took these images is Sabrina Von Heide and I found her via Instagram. Isn’t she great? I’ve really enjoyed working with her and creating fashion images like the ones in this post.

The list of tips I’ve given is not exhaustive. Do you have other helpful ways of finding a fashion photographer? If you have, do share in the Comment section below.

Till Soon,


how to find a fashion photographer

Look Credits

Earrings and polo neck: Zara, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Calzedonia, Patent boot: Vagabond, Bag: Mango