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Postcards from Greece: How I Recharged During my Vacation in Athens

Have you ever reached a bleak point in your life when it seems impossible to see the wood for the trees? Are you This time last year, the hills were definitely not alive with the sound of music. I had encountered an experience that left me at one of my lowest points. To get me out of my funk, my brother recommended that I go on vacation. In the end, I settled on Athens, Greece. I saw the trip as a place to go for a short while to fall in love with life again. No pressure, right?! Continue Reading to get tips on how to recharge during vacation…

Vacation Therapy: How to Recharge during Vacation

Koukaki, Athens

The streets of Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Ms Kat et moi in Koukaki, Athens

When booking my trip to Athens, I saw the journey as taking a positive step towards healing my spirit and mind. I was aware that a 4-day trip wouldn’t miraculously solve all my problems.

However, I wanted to be proactive in improving the relationship I had with myself.

In addition, due to a series of unfortunate events in Berlin, my life had shrunk to a dark and narrow short corridor where all I could do was pace back and forth reliving the things that had gone wrong time and again.

The health experts at Very Well Mind believe that,

A good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best.

Everyone has a different way of how they like to take a step back and recharge during vacation.

For some to feel rejuvenated, taking on new physical challenges is a must and for others switching off from the digital wold does the trick.

This is what worked for me. July is a peak season to travel, so if you are looking for ways to heal your spirit and mind during your next vacation, I hope my tips inspire you.

Stay With a Positive and Inspiring Friend

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

The Theatre of Dionysus Eleutherueus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Modern Athens, Concrete Jungle

Modern Athens: Concrete Jungle

I was in Athens for only four days, so I barely scratched the beautiful city’s surface.

However, my trip was made all the more special because of the good friend I stayed with. Let’s call her Madame Kat.

I met Kat during my Berlin glory days when I’d come to Sin City to party. Ms Kat is a talented photographer and the epitome of an artist. She lived in Berlin and we became fast friends.

Fast forward a few years and as I was moving to Berlin to start my new life, Ms Kat was gearing to leave Berlin and return back to Athens. According to her, she had enjoyed her Berlin ride but was eager to come of the Ferris wheel.

When I met up with Ms Kat in Athens last year, I was amazed at how she had done a 360. First of all she had given up alcohol and was in a healthy and loving relationship (which had never been the case in Berlin!).

She was also moving into a gorgeous new flat with her partner and still doing what she loved: photography.

At her very core, she was still Ms Kat, but it was clear to see she was in a much healthier and happier place. That was beyond inspiring to me.

I love it when friends have a good effect on you. When I was staying in Ms Kat’s place, I found that I began to imitate some of her good habits. I tried to eat healthier, I made more of an effort to tidy after myself…

When I came to Athens, I felt fragile and I have to say, Ms Kat took care of me. This is something I don’t have in Berlin. In Berlin, I live alone and as much as I love that, it’s nice to have someone fuss over you.

Do What You Love


Ms Kat @ Acropolis (Shot taken by me)



Acropolis, Greece, Must-See Sights, Tourist Attraction

I am Woman

Acropolis, Greece

Beauty in Ruins

Ms Kat is a photographer and I love photography. Over the years, we’ve taken so many pictures of each other.

In Berlin, I have a few contacts to some really good photographers. However, I don’t have a good friend who is a photographer.

So when I was in Athens, I could fully enjoy sharing one of my passions with another like-minded person.

I am also a vintage lover, not just with fashion but when it comes to antiques and decor.

Ms Kat dropped me off in a vintage furniture shop and I had a ball rummaging through their stuff, I even managed to pick up a small souvenir.

Go With the Flow

Postcards from Greece

Acropolis Garden

How to switch off during vacation

Taking a Moment

Athens, Greece

Ms Kat

Details, details, details

My trip to Athens was the first time I travelled somewhere and didn’t have a concrete plan of what I’d do when I got there.

In fact, when I entered my taxi at the airport and we were zooming down to my hotel, I began to panick. All I could think was: Biki, what the H.E.L.L are you doing here??!!

Of course with a city like Athens, the sightseeing options are endless but I had done no research before I boarded the plane.

My attitude was, I was going to take each day as it came. I didn’t want to think, plan etc.

Part of this was because, I knew when I came back to Berlin, I would need to take some pretty big steps to get my life in order.

And Now for Style

Summer Fashion, Maxi Dress

Go-to Summer Maxi Dress

Hair accessories for short hair

Flowers n’ Afros

The maxi dress I’m wearing is over ten years old. When I purchased it, I wore it once or twice and then laid it to rest at the back of my closet.

As I was rummaging in my closet for what to pack to Greece, I caught sight of it and dragged it from the darkness into the light.

It was a great choice. The floaty chiffon material meant that I could move around easily. I also love its vintage appeal.

What do you think of my floral hair accessory? If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m always on the look out for statement hair accessories that add pizzazz to my short Afro.

I think cute pieces like this compliment TWA’s and short hairstyles in general.

In the End…

Sunsets in Athens

Sunsets in Athens

Athens at Night

What a View

When I was in Athens, I didn’t forget about my troubles. They manifested into an invisible load I carried on my back 24/7. However, when I was in Athens I found that I could carry my baggage better and sometimes, I didn’t feel its weight.

I did come back to Berlin happier and with a stronger plan on how to turn things around. Did I fully succeed? It’s too early to tell. This is why I plan to book another trip to Athens this year, ha!

How about y’all? What steps do you take to recharge when you are on vacation?

And of course, you can’t go to Athens without hitting the beach, but more on that in my next post ( ;

Till Soon,