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How to Wear Leather Culottes 3 Ways

Leather culottes are season-friendly and should be a staple item in your wardrobe all year round. In this article, I show you how to wear leather culottes to make you look stylish from summer to winter. Continue Reading…

how to wear leather culottes

Cigarette-skinny leather trousers make you look like you’re with the band, leather shorts give off an effortlessly cool vibe and as for leather culottes – well they dwell in a timeless chic category all on their own.

What I love about leather culottes is that one can wear them all year round. Whether you live in a region that experiences the four seasons, i.e. spring, summer, autumn, and winter, or you reside in an area where it’s always ‘sunshine city’ – leather culottes can see you through any season.

According to SEMRush (an SEO tool), the most searched for colours when it comes to leather culottes are black, brown, and burgundy. One of the great attributes of leather culottes is they can be paired with different textures e.g. denim, cotton, lace, silk, knits. This comes in handy when deciding what to style them with.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to wear leather culottes in three different ways to make them work in any season.

How to Wear Leather Culottes 3 Ways

1. Wear Your Leather Culottes with a Sharp n’ Chick Short Cotton Jacket

brown leather culottes

Yes, leather culottes can be worn in summer. If you live in warmer climates, you can pair your leather culottes with lightweight options like a cotton blazer or short jacket for a cool tailored look.

Ankara cotton short jacket

I’ve chosen to pair my chocolate caramel culottes with a fitted cotton short jacket. Alternatively, if you’re looking for other chic ways to wear leather culottes in summer – you can also style yours with an oversized or loose fitted cotton jacket.

To elevate the look I wore heels and chose accessories that accentuated the brown tones in my outfit.

how to wear leather culottes

2. Pair Your Leather Culottes with a Long Trench Coat

faux leather culottes

If like me you’ve begun to experience the beginning of autumn and you are wondering how to wear your leather culottes -punctuate your culottes with a classic maxi trench coat.

Maybe it’s all those 80s teen classics I watched growing up, but I’m a sucker for styling mid-length pieces with leggings (or in my case thigh highs cut at the ankles).

faux leather culottes

The beige palette of my trench compliment the mud-brown tones of my culottes to perfection.

I wore this outfit to work and must confess, I did feel on point. There’s just something empowering about wearing a trench and if you follow my blog you’ll know that I own a bunch of different trench styles – take my hooded trench and more summer style trench for example.

beige trench jacket

3. Style Your Leather Culottes with Cozy Knits

When the weather drops, leather culottes paired with comfy knitwear makes the perfect chic combo. Just look at these stylish leather culottes street style images and be inspired on how to wear leather culottes:

Slay every board meeting in leather culottes, neutral knits, and nude heels

Credits – Styleoholic

Credits – Styleoholic

Pair your slouchy knits and culottes with trainers for those lazy Sundays

Credits – Styleoholic

For those wintry days, style your culottes with the necessary outerwear to keep you warm

Credits – Sttyleoholic

As the temperature drops, keep your legs and feet warm by styling your leather culottes with knee high boots.



Credits – Styleoholic

I hope these different ways to wear leather culottes have inspired you to put your own stamp on this trend.

Shop Your Culottes

Zara are currently selling fabulous faux leather culottes options – there are these black culottes (which I recently bought!) and then here are a brown pair of faux brown leather culottes.

And over to you peeps – will you be wearing leather culottes this autumn/winter? If so, how will you style them? Do tell by dropping your comments in the comment box below.


Credits – All photos with my wearing the brown print short jacket and leather culottes were taken by Claudia Araujo