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I Got A Full-time, Paid Creative Job in Berlin!

Hi Everyone, I ‘ve been wanting to tell you my good news for ages and the reason why I have not been punctual with my posts.

I GOT A PAID, FULL-TIME CREATIVE JOB!!  I am now working for the beauty, health and lifestyle monthly subscription brand, GLOSSYBOX.  

I work in their Communication & Customer Experience in the Creative department (Berlin Headquarters) doing various editorial and marketing duties.

At the moment, I am transitioning from being a freelancer to a full-time paid employee, but I do plan on writing posts giving personal tips on the best ways to transition, and how I got the job.  The latter post is one I really look forward to writing because getting- a job, a creative job, a paid creative job- in a city with one of the highest unemployed rates is and was no easy feat!

Finally, I will end with the Facebook post I put up when I got the job which pretty much sums up how I felt when I learnt the good news:

ANNOUNCING: I am now working @ GLOSSYBOX, Berlin in their Communications & Customer Experience (paid and full time). Many, many years ago I rejected a promising LDN legal job offer to do a string of unpaid fashion mag internships. I took the biggest risk of my life to date because of love and the passion I had for the contribution I wanted to make in the industry.
I don’t have to go into how much the fashion industry burnt me mentally, how I was used abominably, those who know me well know the gory details. But Blind Faith kept me going on as well as my motto, ‘Create or Die’. The next time I fell in love like that again, it was with the city-Berlin. And again I took a blind leap of faith. So now, to be paid for a job where I get to work on their monthly magazine (beauty, lifestyle and fashion) as well as have Marketing duties which ties in with my Marketing Comms diploma really means the world to me.
I’d like to give my family muchO thanks for being there through my lows.
Finally, I couldn’t have continued to work in the creative industry without the help from my Dad and Mum. I have very traditional Nigerian parents and bless them but they really haven’t understood what the Dickens I’ve been doing since I left law, so it felt great to give them good news that they could FINALLY understand and appreciate!!