Interview with the Ladies behind the YouTube Channel – We Know U Know!

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I would be doing collaborations with black female creatives and this is my second collaboration! This time around, I’m with the charismatic ladies behind the YouTube channel, We Know U Know. Read all about it…

red jumpsuit

Who are the ladies behind ‘We Know U Know’?

That would be Ukai Ndame (Angolan) and Lena Witha (Kenyan). Two entities, one fierce African spirit. If you’re in the Afro Berlin scene, you’ll likely have attended Ukai’s Afrocentric parties which are fuelled by her flourishing events brand, Freak de l’Afrique. No stranger to the camera, Lena is a fashion model who knows how to serve a look.

red summer shorts

How did their YouTube channel come about?

The two bonded at a party and soon became good friends. During one of their many chats, they realised that despite coming from different African countries – they shared the same opinion on many life topics. Rather than keep their juicy conversations to themselves, they decided to share their discussions with the world.

blue summer blazer

What’s behind the (somewhat cheeky) name, ‘We Know U Know’?

When I asked them this question, they answered, “We chose this name because in private, we mostly talk about topics that are really present in our society which some people like to act that they are unaware of. So the name ‘We Know U Know’ is meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner like –  ‘Hey, we want to remind you of what you already know!’

Topics for your channel have included, ‘The Impact of COVID on relationships’ and ‘Stop Skinny Shaming’ – what has been your favourite topic to cover so far?

“Our ‘Let’s talk about Racism – the steps we need to take to find a solution’ topic. As unapologetic black Africans, we wanted to discuss the various things that could be done in our society to make the Black Lives Matter movement more than a hashtag or trend and more of a way of life moving forward.”

red, yellow and blue summer outfits

What are your future goals for your channel?

We would like to have our own talk show one day so we can have a wider reach. We also would like to use such a platform to interview powerful and influential black women in our society like Beyonce and Michelle Obama.

So there we have it folks, get to know the ladies even more by subscribing to their YouTube channel!

A Stylish Finish

To round things of, let’s focus on the fasHun shall we? The brief I set for this shoot was colour, Colour and even more COLOUR!

Ukai looked the business with her cobalt poppin’ blue blazer and those eye-catching print cycling shorts which are punctuated to perfection by her ‘rainbow shoes’.

Then Lena is giving you ‘retro realness’ with her high waisted and ‘fitted for the gods’ shorts and as for me, I’m living my best colour clash life by uniting two unlikely but perfectly matched soulmates – red and pink!

And then finally ‘hur- you know three African girls had to get their ‘hur did for the camera!

I love how we are rocking totally different looks – I’m reppn’ for TWAs (who are outgrowing their bleached roots), Ukai is serving her extensions and Lena is looking regal in her braided updo.

berlin fashion location photoshoot

Photographer – Claudia Araujo

Style coordination and Concept – Biki John