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Lucie Nontha- The Fashion Model That Rocks

There are some models who I work with who are not only so much fun to collaborate with but give that special something to the camera which makes the team’s work so much easier.  Lucie Nontha at Models1 is without a doubt one of those models.

I had the great pleasure of working with the 5ft 9 striking beauty on an editorial not so long ago, where I wanted the shoot to have a strong rock music video meets East London at night vibe.  Once I saw her impressive portfolio online, I knew she would bring the story to life.

I also really liked her haircut, and I remember during the shoot when I commented on it, she said that she was thinking of changing it as when she had it done, shaving a side of your head had not yet become the ‘cool/Alice Dellal’ thing to do.

One of my other highlights of the shoot was getting to drape Lucie in Fanni Schiavoni chains, which Rihanna took such a shine to that she got the designer to customise some pieces for her world tour.

 After numerous PR, vintage and high street shop appointments to collect the necessary pieces for a shoot, there is nothing more I love than to see a model wearing them and owning them in a shoot.  Watching Lucie at work is hypnotizing every subtle but powerful move she made, watching those cheekbones catch the light- it really made all my prep work worth it.  If I could go back in time, I would love to cast her in a 90’s Aerosmith video, as I recall they had a strong narrative element, and boy does Lucie’s face have a story to tell.