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My Career&Personal Goal Mantra: ‘This November Is My January’

In a nutshell, as October drew to a close, I decided that I would approach the month of November like it was January, i.e. I’d start working on my Career & Personal Life Goals for 2016.

All in all, towards the end of the year, I find that certain landmark events (like my birthday in December, the end of a year, the start of a new one) open the doors of self-reflection. And honestly, as the years have gone by I’ve not always received what’s standing on the other side of that door with open arms. This year I decided I really wanted to change that. I didn’t want that pressure in December of analyzing 2015, feeling morose about what I hadn’t achieved, drawing up goals for 2016…  This year, in the spirit of one of my all-time favourite Lenny Kravitz’s songs- ‘It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over’- I decided that before the final curtain call for 2015,  I’d use it’s last 2 months to take the steps needed to ensure I felt a sense of accomplishment when the year bowed out.

I’m thinking, if I end 2015 kicking ass, that means I’ll enter 2016 swinging,right?

So how has my thought process actually translated into action?

  • Well take my blog for instance, I want to re-eeeeverything it.  With regards to rejigging the content, I’ve spent the better part of this month doing a lot of research to that effect and making the necessary changes.  I’m also currently working on revamping it aesthetically with my website designer and developer and I recently created a Facebook page for my blog.  I had originally planned to start this project in Jan, with an announcement along the lines of: New Year, New Blog etc but then I realised that me getting a blog that’s more reflective of the Creative I am now and my new career goals has been a long time coming, so it was best to get on that shit, Pronto!
  • In a bid to cement my status as an African Fashion Ambassador next year, I’ve decided to edit both Part 1 and Part 2 of my fashion TV show by mid Dec.  Initially because of my work schedule, I had flirted with the idea of airing Part 1 of my Fashion Special in Dec and then waiting till the New Year before editing Part 2. But now, I’m gunning to get both done and dusted this year.
  • Keen to test the employment waters in Berlin next year, this month I re-jigged my CV and have started researching the companies I’m interested in.
  • It’s not just Work, wErk, Work: I’ve some personal goals too.   During my 20s when I lived in London, I got so immersed in being a fashion stylist and writer, that I slowed down majorly when it came to developing my other skills: cooking, languages, fitness….I’m working on undoing the damage done. For instance, I want to improve my physical stamina and flexibility and to that end, I go for dance or aerobics classes three times a week.

Moving along, don’t you love it when you have an idea or decide on a new course of action and then as you’re surfing the web, you see someone has written an article that liiiiike totally speaks to you?  This is what a happened a few days ago when I stumbled on a fantastic article written by Zahra Barnes titled, ‘How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals By The End Of The Year’. I was already immersed in a philosophical, ‘Wax On Right Hand, Wax Off Left Hand’ state of mind, and feeling decidedly smug about my- Let November Be Your January- mantra and Zahra’s article further strengthened my resolve.  It gives great tips on how to set the wheels in motion to achieve the goals most important to you in a short time frame.  I’ve found it super helpful and come back to it often, because each time I finish reading it, I want to rip my clothes of, bare that S on my chest, pump one arm up to the sky and lift off to the heavens shouting, ‘Lets GO!!!’.  Erm…

And back to you: how are you feeling about the year nearly coming to an end? Will you make any resolutions for 2016? Which one of you will take on November/December like its January?

PssSST, here’s a Teaser Shot from my upcoming TV Fashion Special which I’m currently editing:

Ankara Print Skirt