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My Stylist Work and I Are Featured In A Fashion Book!

I have been wanting to make this announcement for quite sometime now but I wanted to wait till things were more certain, and now they are, et voila!-

Last Autumn, Luanne Mclean, (fashion journalist and stylist with reputable industry clients such as Next, OK! and Star magazine)approached me via email to ask if I wanted to be featured in her debut fashion book, Contemporary Fashion Stylists.  After doing research into the project, I agreed heartily.

Fast-forward almost a year and the book is now available to the public via Amazon on the 23rd October 2012With Christmas approaching, the release date is perfect timing because I strongly believe it is the perfect gift to adorn a fashion lover’s coffee table.

What drew me to collaborate on this project is I loved the way Luanne uses entertainingly insightful interviews (and images) with over 20 very talented and diverse international stylists, to shed light on just what it takes to have a career as a stylist in the competitive fashion industry of today.  So if you have ever wondered what qualifications you should have or you want to learn the best insider tips on how to break into the industry- this is the book for you.

Alternatively if you just like to gaze at beautiful photography, creative fashion styling (be it commercial, high fashion, music videos, catwalk et al) and inspiring hair and makeup- this book is perfect for that as it delivers memorable and arresting visuals.

And if you are more of a, ‘whore for names’ and want to know the stylists who create the looks of fashion trailblazers such as Nicki Minaj, Kelis, VV Brown, Paloma Faith- the book is a who’s who of the fashion stylists to know today.

Finally, I would like to thank celebrity fashion stylist and PR extraordinaire, Arieta Mujay (who is also showcased in the book) for recommending to Luanne that I be featured in this book.  I was very touched when I learnt about this; in this cut throat, dog eat dog industry- it’s good to know that camaraderie can still show itself from time to time.

Arieta Mujay, Courtesy of

Contemporary Fashion Stylists will be available on Amazon from October 23rd 2012.  Stockist details coming soon.