Nigerians Do Glamour: Aso Ebi Wedding Blues

This week in my Nigerians Do Glamour series: Aso  Ebi is True Blue.  When it comes to Aso Ebi Wedding Styles, blue is a very popular colour.  How popular you ask? Well the following pictures answer that question better than I ever could. From light baby blue to their moody and darker sibling; mixed with other prints or standing proud on its own, emblazoned on sumptuous velvet or spread across decadent lace: the following ladies are Singn’ The Blues in style.

  1. Blue Lace N Then Some

Nigerian Wedding Aso Ebi Blue Lace Blouse 2. Blue With A Dash Of Silver

Nigerian Wedding Aso Ebi Blue and Silver


3. Blue Velvet Meets Fuschia Pink

Nigerian Wedding Aso Ebi Blue Velvet


4. Blue With Butter Yellow And Gold

Nigerian Wedding Aso Ebi Blue Yellow Gold


5. Blue Victorian Era Inspiration

Nigerian Traditional Blue Blouse and Blue Ankara Print Skirt


6. #TeamBlue

Nigerian Traditional Aso Ebi Blue And Green

7. Blue Feathers and Velvet

asoebi28. Aqua Blue Delight

Ankara Blue Top and Skirt


9. Cute In Blue

Ankara Print Blouse and Short Ankara Print Skirt

I don’t know about y’all but these fab looks make me want to grab my phone, call my tailor and put her to work…but it’s 6.50 a.m. on a Sunday morning…but I still want to call her…erm…

Moving on, I’m all about Ms Cute In Blue, the skirt is ultra-feminine and that dapper Ankara print bow tie is everything.  Throw in the buttoned up blouse and you have an ensemble that’s quirky, sexy, cute, retro, masculine, feminine and I love that rich n heady mix.

How about you, which look gets your vote?