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OE Magazine asks me for my Spring/Summer 2013 Picks

Last week the lovely folks at OE magazine asked me to give my Top Stylish Pickings for Spring/Summer 2013.  I must admit I was very excited to do this as being a magazine fanatic for over a decade, I’ve always seen features like this and wanted to give my 2 cents, well here it is:

Now seeing all the pieces and including the picture of myself, I think its safe to say that I love Clashing Prints and Colour!

There are one or two pieces I picked that I wanted to elaborate on further:


1. Duro Olowu’s S/S 13 collection

Aaaaah! I want this dress and clutch bag. I have to have this dress and clutch bag.  Something bad will happen if this dress and bag are not in my possession.

It was so hard to pick my favorite piece from this Nigerian’s designer collection, I adore him!

2. Latex bra, Très Bonjour

A few months back I had the displeasure of working with a particular band (who are now defunct, YAY!!), and the few good things that came from the project is the lead singer introduced me to this Berlin-based, latex couture shop.  I want this bra and if I had it, I must confess I’d wear it as a top.  Just kidding.  But I’m not.

3. Swarovski, Aura

Really, I had second thoughts about listing this perfume because I want as little women knowing about it and wearing it as possible.  I love perfumes and I believe I got this from my mama because I remember sneaking into her boudoir as a kid, and trying on the various perfumes she stacked on her dresser.  She was the one that actually got me Aura for Christmas and I have to give her major snaps for this because the scent suits me to a T.  I only wear it in the evenings and it smells just like how I love my nights- exciting, decadent, enlightening, memorable…

4. Burberry Metallic Trenchcoat

This didn’t make the cut but I love it! It’s utter, sheer ghetto fabulousness!

You can go to the OE magazine feature link here.