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Oops! My Website Design Makeover- Work In Progress!

Hello everyone-well, this post was supposed to be my- ‘Hey, look at the new design for my header and background!’ post!!

Now its my- ‘Hey, the lovely illustrator, Nadia PR and I worked together to create a new header and background illustration. The header is good to go, but as you can see the background illustration needs a bit more tinkering!!’

If you don’t know- I loooove fashion illustrations, and if I had more time I would do more work to reflect this…when I can,  I enjoy to surf the net looking for new fashion illustrators, seeing the new techniques out there…so I always jump at the opportunity to work with illustrators for my blog when I can.  For this project-I briefed Nadia on what I wanted and from that she came up with these final drawings.  As you can see I was inspired by colour and print…

Look at me writing away- with my new background illustration, CAN YOU EVEN READ WHAT I’M SAYING?!! It’s making my laugh actually, because if I don’t I’ll throw myself on the cold, hard floor and wail…DAMN! Now there’s more work to do in this area and I have no idea if we can pull this of or what has to be done to reduce the size of the background illustrated images, so they don’t obstruct the text but I guess I’ll find out!

During this uncertain time, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on the problem.  What do you think of the header illustration? How should we go about the background illustration?

Here are 2 of the images for you to look at, it may be easier for you to critique them this way: bloggerimage2backgroundheader1Have a good weekend everyone! Bisous