Hair and Beauty

Short Afro Heroes

It would be more accurate to say Heroines as opposed to Heroes, but who wants to be perfect?  So what is a Short Afro Hero?  Quite simply, like any hero these people inspire.  Whereas super heroes or mortal heroes are renowned for making sacrifices to save humankind, Short Afro Heroes although exempt from this daily burden, can inspire us to make the necessary hair changes or adopt regimes that can indeed rescue us from the edge.  Think I’m being dramatic?  Then you have never looked in the mirror and wanted to pull your own head off because after years of hair abuse, your hairline decides to take a vacation away from your head. Permanently.

Short Afro Heroes without having to use super powers but by simply wearing their hair short and naturally with pizzazz can force you to take a good hard look at yourself and make the necessary hair and diet changes.  And without further ado:

Let’s start with a fiery bang.

Red Short Afro Hair

Put a ring through it.

short afro hair with nose piercing


Uber Short Hair + Uber Long Legs = Uber Sex Appeal.



Love those lil’ spirals.



So who is your hair hero? It can be a friend, relative, celebrity: who inspires you to take better care of your locks or seduces you into staring endlessly at their manes?