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Short Natural Afro Styles & Tips

During summer as my hair and hairline had noticeably improved, I rocked this cornrow hairstyle twice and then did a different style for the filming of my TV show.

017When I loosened my hair the first time, I noticed my hairline had been affected. I was unbelievably gutted because I had worked so hard to get my hair in this condition.  For about a year I believe…

obehiFrom then on common sense dictated I had to leave my hair well alone but I had my TV promo images to take, as well as the filming of the show.  I didn’t feel like rocking my natural hair for both gigs or wearing a wig for a plethora of reasons.  Proving vanity is woman’s greatest vice, I did the cornrow hairstyle again and then fixed a different cornrow style for my TV show. And now, erm, my hairline, well…it’s NOT good…

Luckily, I’m in Nigeria,  Port Harcourt specifically.  And in The Land That God Forgot, I can now give my hairline and hair some major TLC.  Doing that means leaving my hair well alone and more than ever, I need to see images of women with teeny short Afros who look stylish.  Because I am majorly unhappy with how my hair looks at the moment.  The Natural Movement may be going from strength to strength but more often than not, I either see dark models sporting major TWAs with killer cheekbones armed with legs from here to Calcutta or I see women with full and long thick Afros…this does nothing for my confidence.

So now I’m even more motivated to keep up with my Short Afro Heroes series, but if you follow my blog,you’ll see I’ve rejigged it a bit.

short pink afro hair


short afro with black bowler hat


Short Afro Stylish Women




Short Afro Grace Jones Style


Aren’t these ladies fab? Which Short Afro Hero gets your vote?  For me its Oromo Elewa: the Glamazon getting out of the cab.

Short Afro Beauty Tip

Get your eyebrows ‘On Fleek‘: When you have an incy wincy Afro, having tidy and well-shaped brows shaping your face is as important as getting the right frame to encase your favorite picture/painting.  As the pictures above show, with hair this short your face and its features ain’t got nowhere to hide.

Ensure you head to your local beauty salon or if you have a good and steady hand you can DIY, whatever path you choose to follow: get your eyebrows in order.