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This year I plan to focus on more work-related topics on my blog. Between what goes on behind the scenes to create my blog photography and the steps I’m taking in my career- I’d like to share what I’ve learnt from my achievements, as well as my ‘Homer-DOH!’ mistakes. I hope someone can learn from them.

Recently, I’ve had a few Skype interviews and today, I’m sharing 5 essential Skype interview tips that will make you feel more prepared for your next video call interview. Continue Reading…

Skype interview tips

5 essential Skype interview tips

Some of the video interview tips I mention may seem like common sense but believe me when I say common sense is not so common. In one of my most recent Skype interviews, things almost went Pete Tong because I hadn’t followed one of these Skype Dos. The tips below are based on the assumption that as a job candidate, you have done all the necessary ground work for the job position to ensure you know the company, your CV, work experience and achievements back to front.

1) Select a quiet location

Even when you are prepared, interviews can be nerve-racking and a noisy environment whilst you are being asked interview questions will throw your concentration off and likely make you not respond to questions in the best possible way.
If you plan to interview in a flat with other people, ensure they are aware of your interview time so they are unlikely to enter your room or space at that time.
In addition to this, ensure that all your tech gadgets are silenced.
Skype interview tips

2) Ensure the location is appropriate

Bear in mind that when you are asked for a Skype interview, you are not only being assessed on your knowledge, your interviewer is likely to interested in your common sense. Consequently, choose a location that is video call- friendly. This entails making sure there is good lighting, the walls behind you look decent and your environment is tidy and minimal.
Video interview tips

3) Dress the part

When faced with choosing what to wear for a video interview, remember- yes you’ve not got the job yet, but in a Skype interview you should dress like you do. For Skype interviews, some people prefer to look office-smart from the waist up as that is what is visible on camera to the interviewer, I prefer to look the part from head to toe. I find that it alters my confidence, changes how I sit and the like.

4) Your Skype picture and name should be office-friendly

First impressions are everything, how seriously do you think you are going to be taken for a job if your Skype name is Down4WhatEva? Or if your Skype image is a picture of you grinning brazenly in a bikini on the beach holding a cocktail? Be conventional- use your name as your Skype username and the image you choose should reflect the job position you are applying for.
how to prepare for a phone interview

5) Avoid tech glitches by doing a test run

This I had to learn the hard way. On the day and time of a recent Skype interview, I sat down waiting for the call and it never came. I began to panic, I tried calling the HR on Skype and it wouldn’t go through. The sweat beads on my forehead multiplied, I then called the HR on my phone as a last resort. At that point, she informed me that she had been trying to Skype call me and I let her know that I hadn’t heard her calls. Then in a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, I told her I would shut down my laptop and put it on again.
People, when I shut my computer down and attempted to restart ut, my laptop chose that opportune (!!!) moment to ‘configure Windows’ and as this goes from 0 to 100%- I knew it could take up to 5 minutes, which in interview time is 5 centuries.
I then had to call my interviewer on my phone again and she asked if we should postpone the interview and I apologised profusely and said I’d like the interview to carry on as scheduled. She then gave me a time of when she would have to leave for another appointment.
In the end, I made her time deadline, my laptop worked fine once the configuration process was over, we had the interview and I passed to the next stage of the interview.
Do you know how I could have avoided all that hullabaloo? By shutting down and restarting my laptop in enough time before the interview. It was a lesson well-learned.
It’s also a good idea to test call a friend or relative before a Skype interview to make sure your sound, lighting, background and the like are A-Ok.
Those are my 5 essential Skype interview tips to ensure you are on-point before your Skype interview, can you think of any more video interview prep tips? If so, put them down in the Comment section below.
Also I shared my Skype interview horror story, do you have any of your own? Do tell I’d love to know.
Stylish Side Note
Skype interview tips
If you read my posts regularly, you’ll know I’m a fan of finding stylish ways to add pizzaz to all-black outfits.
This time around, I added prints and statement metallic accessories to my all-black ensemble.
By the by, this is the first night-time shoot that has appeared on my blog, I’d love to do more- what do you think?
Bolero Jacket- R Sales, Blouse- Peekaboo Vintage, Skirt- Gift, Floral crown- Stephanieverafter
Photographer- Patricia Santos