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Anatomy of the Perfect Summer Midi Dress

As sunny temperatures soar, what style of dress are you gravitating towards? This summer I found the perfect summer midi dress. Let’s talk about it…

blue summer dress

What Makes the Perfect Summer Midi Dress?

blue summer dress

Great Colour

Ankara print headwrap

When I’m going through a clothes rack or online shopping, what normally stops me in my tracks is traffic-stopping colour. Now my navy blue dress doesn’t fall of the ‘vibrant tree’, but I do love a good indigo blue number because like a neutral or muted tone, it can be matched with many other tones.

Good Fit

coral orange lipstick

I like a summer midi dress that allows me to stuff my face as I please during the day without a pinching waistline. Sure, slinky or figure-hugging summer dresses have a piece of my heart, but my billowy blue dress is more functional. I can wear it to parks, shopping, parties…

Flattering Length

long sleeve summer dress

I like my kaftans floor length with major float-appeal. But when it comes to my summer dresses, I prefer them midi length. There’s something about showing a hint of leg and an ankle that I find charming plus it’s a length that fits my current body shape.


orange shoes

I dressed up my summer midi dress with multi-coloured heels, metallic accessories, and an eye-catching head wrap but I could easily have dressed down and worn it sans jewellery and with trainers. I can also bring boho influences to this dress by styling it with an oversized summer straw hat and statement raffia bag.

Timeless Factor

summer midi dress

Unless an outfit is clearly a retro piece, I’m not a fan of clothes that scream what time period they were bought to the very day. Handkerchief tops worn with super low-rise Britney jeans circa 1999 anyone? That’s why I like this dress – it’s chic and timeless.

Fabric Appeal

Zara summer dress

I don’t know about you, but in the summertime, breathable, comfortable cotton is my go-to fabric. When those sun rays are pelting your back, who wants fabric that clings, itches, and unable to control moisture?

How about you ladies? What’s the DNA of your perfect summer dress?


Dress – Zara

Photographer – Galya Feierman