Support Your Local Business – Summer-Get Together at Store, La Case Paulette

There are many ways to support your local business. Earlier this summer I attended the shindig held by fab concept store, La Case Paulette. Continue reading to see how I highlighted the store by modelling some of its ‘gotta-have’ pieces and showcasing the stylish event attendees…

support local business

L to R – Me, Audrey and Cecile (the founders of La Case Paulette)

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La Case Paulette – More Than a Store

Content Creation – Event Marketing

My La Case Paulette Picks

The Stylish Guests

Ways to Support Your Local Business

La Case Paulette – More Than a Store

Since I featured the two sisters (Audrey and Cecile) behind the concept store, La Case Paulette in 2020- their French-inspired store has gone from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings as a pop-up store in Kreuzberg to finding a home on the trendy streets of Prenzlauer Berg. The fact the store continues to grow despite the challenges imposed by Covid is a testament to the fact that La Case Paulette is more than just a shop.

stylish black girls at fashion event

Content Creation – Event Marketing

During La Case Paulette’s first event since Berlin’s Covid rules were relaxed, I took the opportunity to market the brand by producing content that:

  • Highlighted some of my favourite pieces in the store (images and video)
  • Showcased their store as a meeting point and melting point for Berliners (images)

I’ve always been interested in the different ways content creation and marketing can be used to support events (and brands).

Through experience, I’ve learnt that a lot of one’s content marketing strategy for events depends on: budget, time, resources, and creativity.

I took on this event marketing task as a passion project and ran it as a one-woman band. Timing-wise, the prep work I did for the shindig was done a week before the event which included sourcing the photographer and drawing up a shoot brief/contract.

To see the style video which was edited by KK (aka my creative soulmate) – follow me on Instagram.

My La Case Paulette Picks

La Case Paulette is a store you can walk in and out with a diverse selection of goodies that range from clothes, accessories to art and home decor items.

When curating, I decided to focus on their statement jackets, jewellery, and bags.

What makes the store’s pieces unique is that:

  • Some of the designers – e.g. FAAM Studio –  are local Berlin artists
  • Their leather goods are handmade and eco-conscious
  • Jewellery has a geometric and tongue-in-cheek edge

Look 1

Black girl with Grace Jones hair cut 80s look

It’s giving 80s realness!

Red wet leather jacket by FAAM Studio and rucksack by LAMA

Black rucksack by LAMA

Red jacket by Faam and rucksack by LAMA

Bleeding heart jacket – FAAM Studio

Black backpack – LAAM

Red earrings – LAAM

Other items – Stylists’ own

Look 2

Black girl with 80s haircut

Sade jacket by FAAM Studios

Black girl wearing Gucci sunglasses

Sade jacket – FAAM Studio

Black belt bag – LAMA

Necklace – Yumidem

Eye-shaped earrings – Yumidem

Other items – Stylists’ own

For La Case Paulette prices -check the store’s site.

Stylish Guests

La Cases Paulette’s intends to grow a cultural hub that fosters a community of like-minded people.

With the fantastic turnout of its first shindig, it’s clear that seed has begun to grow…

Psst! Ways to Support Your Local Business!

Yes, every local business should be supported, but in this patriarchal world we live in, I have an affinity for supporting female entrepreneurs!

At this event, I did go all out by hiring a photographer, modelling the store’s pieces but there are easier (and cheaper!) ways to show love to your local bu’ness:

  • Introduce the brand to your friends. When it comes to promotions, nothing beats word-of-mouth. For example, for this event, I invited my friends and it was great to see them have a good time and leave with the store’s goodies.
  • Engage with the brand on social media. We live in a world of social authority and erm, social sheep. So a Like and Comment is likely to cause a domino engagement effect.
  • Leave a genuine and positive review! Now, this I have to do more of. Especially when the places I visited during my recent trip to Playa Del Carmen was heavily driven by reviews!

And erm, of course, dig into your pockets and send some dough their way!

How do you guys support your local business/local female business/local black-owned business?

Photographer – Mariano Scopel, follow him here.

Credits for Black and Gold Look

Leather and lace skirt – ReSales Vintage

Jacket – Pick ‘n’ Weight Vintage

Gold waist chain – Asos

Red bag – Valentino

Sunnies – Gucci