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What Did You Wear To The ‘Seen At Berlin’ App Launch Party?

On Thursday, 12th November, I attended the ‘Seen At Berlin’ App Launch Party.  In the company’s own words: ‘It’s a place where Berlin’s fashion forwards, style rebels and influencers share and get inspired by real looks from real people.’

I haven’t been in Berlin or dressed up for an Autumn/Winter event for ages, but after what seemed like hours rummaging through my closet, I decided to rely on my go-to colour for those dark and chilly nights: Black.  Black offset by a dash of Razzle Dazzle Accessories, ’tis the season after all innit.


Japonica Topshop Long Black Tunic

Christoph Neumann Photography

Gold Costume Jewellery Earring

Christoph Neumann Photography

Gold and diamante Brooch

Christoph Neumann Photography

That night I faced the conundrum that plagues a lot of bloggers during events: Do I run round frenziedly taking pictures of fabulously dressed people, i.e. work the party? Or do I exhale and actually enjoy the event?  Ladies and GentleLadies, having been out of Berlin for eons, I decided on the latter.  There was an open bar, yummy nibbles, a rump-shakn’ set (courtesy of DJ Reznik) and an array of people who were dressed well and interesting to speak to: I got stuck in!

Every now and again I did have ‘Blogger’s Guilt’…an annoying pesky voice murmuring in my ear, ‘Biki, take more pics, capture the event…’  Do you know how I silenced that voice? With another glass of Moscow Mule.


Christoph Neumann Photography

seenatberlin6The Seen At Berlin App party was one of those events that made me realise how much I’ve missed Berlin: its one-of-a-kind parties in its obscure ‘too cool for school’ locations, hot men, the feeling that anything can (and often will!) happen…I also spotted this beauty who shared my love for wearing All Black with a bit of Peekaboo skin/underwear on display.  Yes, yes my camera is a tad blurry but you can still make out Ms T’s radiant skin right? I also give her major props for how she styled her short Afro.


seenatberlin8Aaaah, 2 black peas in a pod!

Now lets talk about my outfit for a moment: my sheer black sleeveless tunic is from Japonica London, I discovered the label as I was recently doing the rounds in the basement section of Topshop (Large Oxford Circus Branch).  When it comes to statement pieces (especially black) that look great layered or worn individually: this brand is knocking it out of the park at an affordable price people!

Big Thanks to Anne for the invite and photographer Christoph for taking the pics.

If you are interested in seeing how Berliners rock their distinctive ‘Take It Or Fucking Leave It’ style, head to Seen At Berlin’s Facebook page here.

Download their App here.

Tschussi Berlin!

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What Did You Wear To The, 'Topshop Topman Love Berlin' Party Last Night?

If you weren’t at the, Topshop Topman Love Berlin party last night, where the bleeding hell where you?!  Actually, I almost didn’t attend the party: having decided to be M.I.A from Berlin Fashion Week this season, a day before the par-tay I found myself scrolling down, I Heart Berlin’s Fashion Fashion Week Party guide and stopped at the Topshop party because it said the magic words: By Invitation Only.  That’s the kind of fashion party I am interested in because it screams at me, Decent Party Budget which translates into goodie bags, free entry and free drinks!  I’ve more than paid my dues in the fashion industry and Fashion Week is a time for the fashion industry to pay me back in spades for all those unpaid consultations, shoots, writing jobs and so on).  Now, are great fashion parties adequate compensation for non-payment? No, but they are a good start!

Anyhoo, fast forward to me calling the PR handling the event and being told that the, ‘Guest list was closed’.  But dhharlings, we all know in fashion the guest list is never ever reaaaally closed, and now having being denied entry through the golden gates, I knew more than ever that I was going to go to this party. Some people make it their mission in life to climb Mount Everest, I made it mine to enter the party that night!!!

Fast forward again to me at the door of the party, announcing my name to the people handling the Guest list and (of course!) my name not appearing on their laptops.  And then without blinking, and in my most confident voice I gave the, ‘I am a Contributing Writer for OE magazine’ schpill, showed them the invite the OE Editor had kindly forwarded me and Open Sesame!, I was let in: GBAM!!  As soon as I got in, I knew it was going to be a great night: there were assorted canapes floating everywhere, free bars (yes, b-a-r-s, it’s Topshop dhaarlings), photography booths…  Remember when I said, for a good fashion party (or any party) free alcohol is a must? Well, this year I’m off the booze and as I queued to get my free water, I was tempted to upgrade it to something stronger, but I stayed on the righteous path dudes, and that’s how I knew it was an effing amazing party because I experienced it sober!!

One of my highlights was meeting Cutie Cute, Claudio from, I Heart Berlin, whose recent, Flirting in Berlin: Fashion Week ist Flirting Week post, made me laugh so much it convinced me to bother attending parties this season.  So it was pretty awesome for me to meet him and tell him just that!


It isn’t a Fashion Party, unless you see sights like this


Such a nice aura this boy:


Joe Goddard aka Hot Chip kept me grooving to Nneka, Prince, MJ et fabulous al: loved him!!

I needed the loo, but the Ladies were fully occupied, and this kind lad escorted me to the Gents.  As I entered, I expressed concern and then his friend says, ‘Just go in, this is Berlin, no one cares!!’  Ich Liebe Berlin

The guests were so friendly and I had so much fun whizzing around taking pics.



Dear Lord, let me be held just once by a man with arms like these, Amen.


Note to self: must try a leather skirt with a cute Printed Tee.


If anyone knows the Special Act that played last night, PLEASE PLEEEASE let me know, the singer was bloody UHHH-MAZZZING, so much energy, great voice: I’ve never actually seen anything like it live.

I left the party on such a natural high that I didn’t want to go home, so I was so happy when as I was heading home in a cab, a friend texted me to say he was going to another party at Prince Charles.  Eagerly, I told the taxi driver to head in that direction, but when I called my friend and he told me there was a 10 Euro entry, I had to tell him, ‘Sorry hon, but that’s not a fashion party‘, and I told the driver to take me back home!

The End

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