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I’m A Festival Vampire

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Hey Peeps, Monday came too quickly didn’t it…tsigh. Now, how many of you are planning to attend or have already been to a music festival this summer? Being a fan of dramatic and theatrical dressing, I love summer festival style. I may not be able to attend one this summer due to this, that and the bloody other, but I can still incorporate the essence of festival style in my everyday wear. Continue Reading to get summer music festival outfit ideas…

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Personal Style

How To Do 80s-Inspired Leather and Lace in Summer

Black Leather and Lace

Whilst black lace and leather may not be the sartorial choices one automatically thinks of during the summer, there are lots of fun ways to rock 80s-inspired leather and lace looks when the sun goes down.

Music inspires my style a great deal and if you Follow my blog, you’ll remember that in my Dear Prince article I mentioned his protégé: Vanity aka Denise Matthews. From watching her music videos, live shows and what she wore to interviews, its clear to see she enjoyed her sexuality and let it shine through in tight leather, lace, sheer pieces et al. Last week I went to an art exhibition and as I was dressing up, I had her group’s (aka Vanity 6) iconic ‘Nasty gal’ video on repeat.  Continue Reading to see how I channelled her 80s stylish essence into my outfit…

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