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Short Afro Hero Series: How To Hide Your Thin Afro Hairline With Accessories

Last Saturday, I kinda struggled with what to use as a title for this post- do you ever have that issue guys? Basically, I had intended to use the headline that you can see but then let’s just say before doing my blog shoot, many things went wrong.  To name but a few: I couldn’t open some very important files that contained vital footage of my fashion show which I needed to edit, the friend I was supposed to be doing the shoot with cancelled, my intestines felt like they were being strangled as I’m recovering from a bout of awful food poisoning and the pièce de résistance? Being in Lagos, I didn’t have my tight peeps to shake it off with…in a nutshell: my woe is me and yes there were tears.

But then, I bitchslapped myself and said: ‘Nope, Biki, get over it’, and so I did.  In full #MakeLemonadeOutOfLemons mode, I called my ma’s driver and said, ‘You’re going to make some extra cash this morning by taking pics of me!’  Truth be told, I didn’t have to pay him pip diddley squat, as his ‘Madam’s Daughter’, but that’s not how I roll. So I gave him enough money for a hearty lunch.  He had no idea how to use a camera, so in between teaching him, playing ‘model’ and wiping colossal beads of sweat: these pics were taken.  With all this Olympics-worthy hurdle jumping, I was tempted to call this post something along the lines of: How To Overcome Obstacles Bla Bla Bla. But I stuck to my original idea and made the title hair related,so let’s get to it shall we?


Peruse the web and you are inundated with great tips and advice on the best ways to regrow your thin edges/receding hairline.  That’s all well and good, but what about the in between stages?  What of the times you don’t want to cover your head with wigs, extensions, turbans et al? What Then?  Then my Brothers and Sisters of the Congregation, you make nice with your headband, like so:

How To Hide A Thin Afro HairlineWhen you have a thin hairline, you have to turn into the sneakiest and craftiest motherfucker alive, you have to learn how to disguise your misfortune, how to create an illusion that ‘Everyting Irie’.  Or at least, these are the measures I’ve taken to disguise my thin hairline whilst I do my damndest to grow it back.

This is my left side:

How To Hide A Thin Hairline With AccessoriesAnd that’s my right:


  • The thickness of your headband is eeeeeverything, so gauge the extremity of your hair loss and go from there. E.g. if you’ve suffered a minor loss of hair on your sides/front: a thin headband will do.
  • You are trying to pull attention away from your receding hairline remember? So distract with razzle dazzle aplomb by getting headbands laced with statement detailing like sequined embellishment, beading etc.
  • When placing your headband, do so, so that it artfully covers your problem area.
  • When it comes to where I buy my headbands, Claire’s Accessories has had my back each and every time! The headband I’m wearing is from there. Enough Said.
  • Ladies and Gentleladies, headbands do tend to put a varying amount of stress on the hairline.  So this is not a ‘disguise’ you are to wear too often or for too many hours in the day.  Remember your edges need to be relaxed and ‘set free’ to grow.

Now let’s spend a moment on my kimono, which happens to be one of my favourite purchases this year.  So much so, I have 2 of them: 1 for each continent I reside in. Bien sur! I got it from Miss Selfridge, yes at my grand ol’ age, I pop there from time to time because once in a pink moon, they stock Vintage-Esque Beauties like these.

Black and pink floral print kimonoIn this dress I’m ready to be transported back to the 70s and placed in some hedonistic never-ending part-ay in a fading actor’s iconic, ranchstyle pool house in LA.  For this shoot, I made my kimono appear pretty modest as 1) It was daytime. 2) I did not want to put on a freak-a-leek show for the Driver by showing him mega leg and clevage. But guuurl, lets just say with mild alterations, I have been known to entertain in this number in my boudooooooir.

Floral Print Kimono067My god it was too hot that day, how do personal style bloggers in Nigeria manage to look so cool and collected?

Floral Print KimonoAnd back to you: what kind of hair issues have you had or are having?  What do you do to disguise that or make your hair look better? Do you like Kimonos? How do you wear yours? Aaah Questions, Questions….