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Teaser Shots From Online Editorial Project

A few months ago, I was the Creative Director and Stylist of an online editorial shoot, which was shot in Berlin.  It is yet to be published but I couldn’t resist showing you all my favourite shots from the series.

I think the below image is a very fitting look for A/W 12, as this is normally a season where experimenting with textures is a must. So here we see a delicious mix of silk, lace, metal, chiffon and sequins; all contrasting fabrics come together to portray a look that gives a vigorous nod to Luxe Glamour

How gorgeous and 70s fabulous are those mauve palazzo trousers?

The warm make-up colour palette gives me lots of ideas for the autumn season.  I love the mix of deep purple and gold


Creative Direction and Stylist- Biki John

Photographer- Frauke Fischer

Hair and Makeup- Servullo Mendez

Model- Tara Rodgers at Modelwerk

Black lace blouse- Irene Luft

Mauve palazzo pants- Marcel Ostertag

Bolero, belt and turban- Vintage (Stylist’s Own)

Black sandals- Scholl





Sounding Off..., This & That

Catching Up With Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Frauke Fischer

Last week was extra special for me because I got to work with a photographer that I have wanted to work with for a while now, the incomparable Frauke Fischer.  I’ve already interviewed her previously for My Fashion S/ash Life, but having seen all her great recent new work with clients like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire and Rimmel; I wanted to catch up and hear more from her-

My Fashion S/ash Life: Since January could you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been doing?

Frauke: I’ve been doing a mixture of  look books, commercials and editorials, so its been quite a mixture, but I have ended up shooting mostly beauty.

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

My Fashion S/ash Life: For your beauty shoots, do you get to realise your own visions and inspirations most of the time?

Frauke: Well it all comes down to team work, so sometimes with a client, I’ll brainstorm some ideas and tell them and the team what I’d like to do but then the client will tell me what they have to do, what products have to be featured and so on.

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

My Fashion S/ash Life: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Frauke: From lots of places, from other pictures, other photographers, I also look at blogs.

My Fashion S/ash Life: That’s interesting, what photography blogs are you a fan of?

Frauke: Relic.com, it’s a bit artsy and in general the photography is not my style because I tend to break things down in a more commercial way whether I’m doing beauty or fashion, but I like to reference the site for ideas and inspiration.

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

My Fashion S/ash Life: Speaking of art, have you been to any exhibitions recently?

Frauke: Well, I do like going to exhibitions but I never seem to have the time to go!  I did go to an exhibition two weeks ago, the artist was a friend of my husband and I, and previously, I had no clue about what his work was like so it was interesting to see what he actually does.  I really enjoyed it and was very impressed.

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

My Fashion S/ash Life: And in the last three months would you say you’ve worked more in or out of Berlin?

Frauke: Because I shoot mostly beauty, it makes more economic sense for production to happen here in Berlin.  Recently, the budgets for editorials has really shrunk so there is less allowance for travelling, so a lot of shoots tend to take place in a studio.

My Fashion S/ash Life: How does the process of shooting fashion and beauty differ for you?

Frauke: I tend to do my beauty shoots in a studio and the pace is often slow and relaxed, as it takes ages to change the hair and make up for each shot.  With fashion, there are often more people involved and there is more pressure because you have to shoot more images in a certain style.

Also when it comes to choosing models for a fashion or beauty shoot the selection process is different; with fashion, the model has to be a certain size to fit in the press clothes, with beauty, as long as the model’s head is fine- I’m fine!

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

My Fashion S/ash Life: Are there any models you would love to shoot at the moment?

Frauke: Hmmm, at the moment, there is no one I am really curious about.  About five years ago there were a lot of models coming from places like Russia and they had very interesting doll-like faces, models like Sasha Pivovarova and Gemma Ward.  I love these faces because they were beautiful but not in an obvious way.

My Fashion S/ash Life: And finally any interesting summer holiday plans?

Frauke: Well I plan to go to Tokyo, the last time I travelled there I went to see some agencies and they all told me I had to stay for longer to get work, so that’s what I intend to do this time around.

Courtesy of Fraukefischer.tumblr.com

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