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Afro hairstyles-How to Define Curls with Short Natural Hair

Afro Hairstyles

I did the Big Chop in 2o13 because due to constant weaves and braiding, my hair had become thin, lacked lustre and my hairline had majorly thinned out. Since 2013, my hair journey has undergone many false starts, i.e. my hair and hairline would grow but then would suffer breakage. I would say my ‘official hair journey’ began in September/October 2015 because after my hair broke yet again, I began a treatment using all the afro hair knowledge I had accumulated since 2013 and now in October 2016, I believe I am seeing positive results. Fiiiiiinally, I can begin to write about my recent Afro hairstyles.

Motivated by my hair journey thus far, in this post-I want to show you one of the Afro hairstyles I am a fan of and use my growing afro hair knowledge to inspire and teach anyone who is suffering thinning Afro hair and Afro hair loss, especially around the hairline (forehead, sides and back of the neck). For today, I will kick things off with how I define my short natural curls. My next Afro hair series will be about how I grew my hairline.

So back to today’s topic- I   have no idea what my curl type is and honestly I can’t be bothered to find out. What I do know is that when it comes to Afro hairstyles, I like the ‘artfully messy TWA look’. To that end, for the last year and a half, I’ve been experimenting with different curl defining products, trying to find what would give my ‘hur the curl definition I wanted. So far I’ve found a cocktail of natura hair care products that I like. Continue reading to learn how you can define curls with short natural hair.

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