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Top Beauty Vlogging Tips from YouTube Sensation, Fumi Desalu-Vold

Lets get one thing clear, Fumi is so much more than a vlogger but I had to keep the title short.  The strings to her fabulous bow include: reigned supreme as West Africa’s first supermodel, handpicked by Puff Daddy himself to feature in his Public Enemy video, worked as a model for top brands like Versace, Michael Korrs and Yohji Yamamoto, starred in Ugly Betty, acted alongside Eddie Murphy in Norbit,Trilingual (English, Afrikanns and Norwegian) and in addition to all this her YouTube channel with over 15,000 active subscribers keeps growing by the minute.

Luckily for me, although Fumi was especially busy as she’s planning a work trip, she took some time out to meet me in Colbert cafe on the Kings Road, London and over some scrumptious lemon cheesecake, I got to ask her some burning questions. Continue Reading to discover top tips for beauty vloggers on YouTube.

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