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Tips For Wearing All Black Clothes

‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.  Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious.  But above all black says this-‘I don’t bother you- don’t bother me’.

I love this quote by ‘Black Ambassador’, Yohji Yamamoto.  Some people are daunted by the prospect of wearing All Black, there is the fear that one will look dowdy and/or boring. But I’m here to offer a rebuttal, wearing All Black can be Oh So Fabulous, as long as you have the right ingredients in the mix to make your ensemble rise to the occasion.

066Tip 1: Wear a Look At Me Headpiece, I opted for my rose floral crown.  Claire’s, happens to have a good selection of rose crowns all year round.

In fact, if you’ve got statement accessories, it’s time to put them on display.  Personally, I love gold and silver so you’ll see those metals incorporated in my outfit. For statement accessories on a budget-vintage aside- I’m all about H&M.  Their jewellery design team is on a winning streak!

Rose Floral CrownTip 2: Black won’t be boring if your getup has a mix of textures and fabrics, for instance I’m wearing a black silk blouse and black pleather skirt. Both pieces are vintage.

Tip 3: Play with proportions, I love the dramatic cutout of the sleeves on my blouse…

Midi Black SkirtTip 4: Red stained lips offset an All Black ensemble, helping to give your look the ker-POW! it needs.

075Tip 5- Baring some skin can stop your All Black outfit from appearing too heavy.  I’m wearing a low cut top that shows a slither of stomach, tsigh…any excuse!

078Do you like wearing All Black? What other tips can you think of that make an All Black ensemble the Ish?