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3 Tips When Dressing For A Creative & Commercial Job

Over a month ago, I left Berlin to work in the marketing communications department of a Nigerian company.  Apart from dealing with the usual hullabaloo that arises when moving continents, I was faced with a recurring female-prone problem-  What The Dickens To Wear.

In Berlin, my freelance fashion lifestyle means I can wear pretty much wear what I want; so entering a job and country where Fashion-wise: I had to mind my Ps  and Qs had me a bit on edge.  Especially, as the bulk of my wardrobe is in London, Berlin and Lagos…

I also had the challenge of working out how to play the balancing game when working for a job that was neither wholly corporate nor entirely creative.  One day I am working in a relaxed environment with the graphic designer on images and design, the next I’m acting as an ambassador for the brand at various events where a degree of formality is required.   Hmmm, how to marry the two worlds in a harmonious stylish union?

Fast forward the weeks and I think I have it sussed out, and I wanted to share my tips for the women out there who have had the same predicament.

3 Tips When Dressing For Your Creative & Commercial Job

1) Invest in a ‘stand out’ tailored garment

For me, this is a  blazer.  Blazers with interesting details like structured, patterned lapels, statement buttons et al, tend to lack the stuffiness of their older more corporate ‘Suit Jacket Sister’.

Topping my casual outfits with a blazer instantly takes my ensemble down a more chic route, which then allows me to relax my outfit with statement accessories as seen below.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2) Play The Balancing Game With Accessories

ifb20Statement accessories are my everything but when I am doing this job, I can’t go as balls out with my jewellery as I normally do.  However because my job isn’t strictly an office nine to five, I can wear the odd one or two statement pieces, which I balance out with more ‘low profile’ accessory pieces.  I also ensure that my statement accessories are eye-catching but sophisticated, so I still look professional.

For instance, my vintage snake belt does have that Look At Me factor, but my more subtle nude toned footwear helps to tame my look.


3) Coordinate Your Colour Scheme With Care

???????????????????????????????The monochromatic effect of black and white has the power to tame otherwise seemingly edgy/racy fabrics like leather and lace, as seen above.

??????????????????????????????? If I do want to wear a print garment with a bold pop of colour, counterbalancing it with a somber hue like black helps to reign the outfit in.

???????????????????????????????And there we have it! Do you have any more tips to add?  Have you discovered more stylish winning formulae for nailing it with your job outfits?  Do tell, I’d love to know!