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What Did You Wear To Silverbird’s 35th Anniversary Party?

On Saturday 21st November, I attended Silverbird’s 35th Anniversary party. A true leading entertainment force, the brand has grown to have their proverbial hands in many pies that include TV, Radio, Property and Cinema.  It all went down at Eko Hotel & Suites, and drew in the expected celebrities like Agbani Darego and Toke Makinwa.  One of the highlights for me was getting to see live performances by Nigerian artists that keep me groovn and moovn: 2Face and PSquare.

Against my mother’s wishes, I started the day having my makeup done by Helen (from Sacred Beauty).  Whenever I want to crank it up at a Lagos event, Sacred Beauty are my first point of call. Sorry Ma.  She gives me a lot of flack for ‘wasting my money’ this way, but Ma look at what Helen ‘done did’, it’s worth every Naira!

Green and purple eye makeupAt the beginning of my makeup session, I turned to Helen and declared, ‘I want my eyes to look like JEWELssSsssSss…!!’  She laughed but I was dead serious.  I decided to step out of my comfort zone of different shades of warm bronzey eye  palette tones and jumped headfirst into an ocean of peacock-worthy hues.  What do you think of the end result?

purple and green eyeshadowAfter my makeup was done, my Plus One arrived in the shape of the creative aficionado, Daniel Obasi.  After taking the mandatory pre-event blogger pics, we made our way to Eko Hotel.

452453For moi, the mood of the day was Lady Of The Manor Realness, Haha!

Can I just say that I wanted to go wigless for the party and just rock my turban but Daniel warned me against it, he was like, It’s a Lagos party, you gotta have long hair…in the end I succumbed to Lagos Beauty Peer Pressure tsigh…To be honest once my hairline decides to join me in this lifetime, I’ll rock my TWA with my head held high!

Purple and black print maxi dressgold statement accessoriesIn true Lagos style the party did not start on time, so what to do? Take more pictures of course!

Here Daniel is showing us The Art Of Monochromatic Dressing: his grey separates portray a simple yet striking approach to styling.  Note how he pulled off this look by balancing different light and dark grey tones and punctuating the ensemble with white trainers.

468479The Red Carpet action was fun, I got interviewed by Silverbird TV- Yay!

493During the course of the night, I asked Daniel, ‘Why are you holding that red thing?’, he replied, ‘I feel like I have to hold something.’ Haha, sooo coooote!  It does add a certain sharpness to his eazy breezy casual smart menswear look.

Daniel is a creative after my own heart and the perfect plus One because he loves pictures.  When we discovered this ‘ripple effect’ wall, we knew what had to be done.

500504518I met Daniel last December at the Music Meets Runway show, actually I pounced on him to take a picture because he was wearing a pair of shorts in the most fab effortless way…he had a style that I don’t see often in Lagos: Tailored Minimalist Chic. Anyhoo, we swapped numbers and for the past year we’ve kept in touch via WhatsApp and didn’t get a chance to meet again until this event.  Despite that, we spent over 10 hours in each others company that day and didn’t end up killing each other!

I will be collaborating with Daniel soon on something pretty special to me that I’ve wanted to do on my blog for a while and until that happens I’ll say that in my opinion, he’s the New Gen Naija to look out for: 21, Die Hard Creative, Stylist Assistant and also Stylist to his own ish, photographer, Instagram Rising Star: in less than a year he’s attracted over 1000 international Followers and counting…

507514Like a typical Fashion Boy, Daniel is wearing an outfit made by his designer mates: Grey T and trousers- Maxivive, Grey cardigan- Mxw.

I’m wearing an Isi Brown dress and black patent Prada wedges.  I wear a lot of jewellery and crediting them all can be a tad tedious.  If any of y’all know where I got what, let me know in the Comments section.

Till Soooon!