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How André 3000 Inspired My Fashion Shoot

Every now and again, I get the opportunity where I can let a personal music inspiration reflect in my fashion shoot.  Not so long ago, I did a fashion shoot where I let the colourful and fearless style of American performer and entertainer, André 3000, influence me in the style and creative direction of a fashion shoot.

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Looking at the above images one can immediately see André’s love of English-inspired vintage, preppy clothing.  But what sets him apart from the various ambassadors of dandy style, is his unique and fearless mix of preppy tailoring with strong urban, sophisticated accents

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The below image summarises why I can’t wait to get my hands on this man and style him for any of his performances or public outings.  It would be a dream and an honour, I haven’t met him but from what I can see and hear in his performances, I believe that the humour and experimenting that we bring to the Styling Table, would make us a good team-

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The above image shows brilliant usage of fabrics, colours and patterns and this is exactly what I wanted to portray when I did my below shoot titled, ‘It’s Nice To Be Preppy’.

I adore working with menswear tailored pieces like jackets, braces, bow ties, waistcoats, cravats et al, and I can’t wait till I work on a project that allows me to experiment and play with all of the above, like I did on the below fashion shoot.

The bulk of the pieces were pulled from a selection of high-end designers, high street stores and vintage shops.

How great would André look in the above ensemble, the mix of colour, print and fabric would suit him to a T.  I’m also positive that André would appreciate how I got the model’s trilby, tie, belt and socks to co-ordinate.

I had so much fun doing this shoot because layering contrasting pieces and building up various colours and prints is my forte, I thrive on it and the process allows me to reflect a part of my personal style.

I see so many upcoming male artists today who would benefit from such a treatment by me, if any of their agents happen to be reading this article, give me a call to set up a style consultation, my contact details are on