Top Blog Comment Of The Week:

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’ve been silent on the blogging front for quite a while now.  Why?  Well, to make a long story not very long, September was the toughest month I’ve had in a while, both professionally and personally.  And as much as I wanted to burrow a hole in the ground and hibernate till next summer, I had to keep my shit together because September was the month the filming of my TV show took place, I had to fly from Berlin to London to work, and then to Lagos for even more work…

But I’m only human and something had to give, and that something was my blog, I had to step away from my baby and blogging in general for a while.  During my Blog Hiatus, I did have my doubts on how to return to blogging…whether I still had the strength and motivation to say what I wanted to say through my blog…how to make my blog better content and layout-wise…

And then a few days ago, I got this lovely message from one of my fellow bloggers, Cara from  I’ve made it very clear that Blog Comments are the fuel to my blog and this one gave me L.I.F.E.  Big thanks Cara!

‘I have MAJORLY missed you. I know you are probably busy filming, but please hurry up and come back soon!!!! <3′

This fellow readers is why I blog…

I can’t finish this post without giving due props to Cara because hers is one of the blogs that I genuinely look forward to reading.  Instead of blabbing on and on about how much I like her blog, I’ll reel of some reasons why her blog keeps me coming back for more:

  1. For me blogging is a journey, and I’ve enjoyed reading about Cara’s through text and images.  Her posts show how she goes about balancing motherhood (she has the coooootest lil’ boys) and expanding on her passions, which include travel, fashion, photography….

How fab is her Afro?!

2. I really like her speaking voice, from reading her posts and seeing how she puts words together, its obvious that ‘This Girl Sabi Read Book O!!!’…erm, i.e. she is a lover of books.

cara33. I love seeing pictures of her two boys.

cara24. It’s interesting to see her fashion and photography grow from strength to strength.

cara5So now I’ve whetted your interest, read Cara’s blog here.