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Essential Winter-to-Spring Style Tips

Transition outfits winter to spring – stores might be selling short-sleeved dresses et al but Mother Nature is still serving spring with a heavy dose of blustery winds on the side. If you are feeling the in-between season style struggle, then continue reading for my tips…

Style Tips on How to Dress for In-between Winter and Spring Weather

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but down here in ol’ Berlin the weather is bipolar AF. One minute I’m warm and want to rip my scarf and wool hat off, the next the winds are whipping mercilessly around my face. This makes it challenging to know how to dress for this in-between weather.

During this time of the year, stores sporting their spring trends seem ludicrous because the weather is just not warm enough! Don’t you wish that Mother Nature could just catch up with fashun?!

Anywho, until that one fine (sunny!) day comes, here are my tips on how to sail through this temperamental time.

transition outfits winter to spring

Layer with a Lightweight Jacket

transition outfits winter to spring

As the weather begins to heat up, I like to layer with this lightweight trench. Other pieces that make good layering items are cardigans, blazers and dresses as you can style them with shirts, blouses or polo necks.

P.S. I love to collect trench coats. It’s my dream to end up having maxi trenches with different textures and colours – gold leather, red vinyl, bring it!!

When I feel like doing a vintage trench slay, I’ve been known to exchange a trench belt with a colourful silk vintage scarf like I did here

Wear a Knit Polo Neck

black polo neck style

silver braids

I don’t know about you but for me, ‘Baby, it’s still cold out there’, so I wear a classic knit polo neck underneath my outfits.

Use Accessories to Add Colour To Your Outfit

orange sunglasses

patchwork leather clutch

I paired my outfit with orange sunnies and a colourful leather patchwork clutch to add more depth to my outfit. The colours also uplift my look.

To continue my orange retro-esque theme, I beat my lips with one my favourite shades from MAC.

Experiment with Different Coloured Tights

tights and sandals

With the yo-yo weather in Berlin, protecting my legs with tights is a must. I’m happy about this because, during the last few years, I’ve really got into experimenting with different coloured tights.

As the in-between season continues, I’ll also pair my tights with open-toed sandals. Now this is a real ‘fashion’ thing to do – look at runway shows, editorial shoots – you’ll see models in socks or tights with open-toed shoes or sandals. For the civilian, the combination can cause bewilderment or look absurd, I once had a friend ask, ‘But if it’s cold, why wear open toes shoes?’

I couldn’t explain that it was about the aesthetic. Having said that, it’s a style that’s either for you or it ain’t. Like Marmite, there are no half measures here.

The ‘Coronavirus Elephant’ in the Room

inbetween winter spring style

lightweight trench coat

This is the first post I’ve made since the pandemic and as it’s changed all our lives – I can’t end this post without making reference to it.

But I’ll keep it brief. I believe there are enough news articles, social media posts, memes etc. about the pandemic.

This post is supposed to take you away from that.

If anything, this pandemic has shown us just that regardless of our sex, religion, education, financial disposition etc. – we can all be hit by something that unites us. No matter how organized we think we are in making plans, the world can come to a grinding halt…

It’s been challenging to function through the challenges – for me the biggest being mental. Because that is where it all starts. It takes a lot of mental strength to push through this (not knowing when the lockdown will end) and still be a good parent, sibling, employee, employer, friend…and most of all to still be good to yourself. To find the motivation to exercise, not eat yourself to an early grave, not cave into the hysteria…this is what pushed me to write this post. For as long as I can, I will continue to create.

Hope it took you away to a brighter place ( ;

In the comments, let me know how you are doing- how are you coping with the crisis? Let’s be each other’s motivation and inspiration ( :

Until Soon,


Photographer- Donya Joshani

Credits: Trench – Vintage, Polo neck and earrings – Zara, Skirt- Topshop