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How To Do The Transparency Fashion Trend

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Now back to the matter at hand: Peekaboo, Underwear worn as Outerwear, Sheer Fetish…Call the ‘Transparency Fashion Trend’ whatever you want, there’s No Diggity, No Doubt that this Dare-To-Bare Movement is here to stay.  I’ve always been about revealing what’s on the inside, well sartorially speaking anyway.   That added to the fact that I’m majorly into harness bras at the moment means that this summer, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Biki than you bargained for…

Transparency Fashion TrendEvery now and then fashion may give a nod to sheer clothing, lump them together in a fashion show review and call ‘The Peekaboo Movement’ a trend, but for me Transparency has always been a way of life.

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With summer being here and the sun beaming its warm rays during the day and the balmy winds seductively cooling us at night, it’s the perfect time to invest in some see-through clothing, but how do you go about executing it so you don’t look like you’re hop, skip and jump away from setting up your post on a street corner? Well, here are my tips:

How To Pull Off The Transparency Trend

  • Contrary to some killjoy beliefs: transparency can be classy.  Oh Yes It Can!  Clothing with moderate sheer strategic detailing can have maximum impact.  So start small by wearing tops with sheer sleeves or tailored pencil skirts with see-through paneling.
  • Invest in good bras: this is a Must if you want to wear a sheer top that shows off your bra.  Colour-wise, I am partial to black bras or black bras with nude detailing.
  • Don’t show your knickers E.V.E.R.  This is a personal peeve of mine.  If you want to wear those Oh So Fab Black See-Through Summer Dresses, then opt for black hot pants.
  • If you are brazen enough to go braless: make sure you have perky breasts that support your choice.  Some might argue with me and say, ‘Hey, if you’re confident, then you can do what you want, bla bla…’  Well for those, let’s just agree to disagree shall we?
  • Layering is also a good way to go when wearing transparent pieces.  Pair a structured jacket over a sheer top or throw an oversized diaphanous blouse over a camisole, and then pair that with a pair of skinnies…its only fashion baby: have fun with it!



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Soooo do any of you Dare-To-Bare this Summer? Do tell, I’d love to know!

P.s. Despite my new full-time job, I’m going to do my darndest to blog twice a week from now on!

Stella, do you hear that? (WINK!)

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