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Ask Biki? I’ve Lost The Belt For My Trench Coat, How Do I Replace It?

Trench coat belt replacement query -I had a bit of a wild one last night and discovered I lost the belt to my favourite beige trench coat the following morning.  I’m absolutely gutted… It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll find a matching belt to replace it, but I’m not ready to let go of my jacket: do you have any ideas on how I get a replacement belt? HELP!

This article covers  two key ways to replace your (trench) coat:

  1. Replace your belt with a scarf
  2. Replace your belt with another belt

Trench Coat Belt Replacement Tips

MFSL Answer

Never Fear, Biki Is Here ( :  The same thing happened to me this year, but my story is: I told my brother to take my trench coat to the dry cleaners, and when he returned it: my beloved coat was sans belt. I needed a trench coat belt replacement and I was fuming!  Once I calmed down and put my creative hat on, I decided to use the opportunity to pimp my jacket.

First of all, there is no need to splurge on a new jacket or retrace your footsteps from your ker-azee night.

There are a few alternatives one can use to replace a trench coat belt: a belt with a buckle/tie sash detail, a tie…In this article we will focus on scarf and buckle options. My favourite coat belt replacement is a scarf, so let’s start with that.

1. Trench Coat Belt Replacement – A Scarf

  • It’s a great way to match/contrast the hue of your trench coat by experimenting with texture, colour and pattern.
  • A wide and long silk scarf for example, allows you to tie the loop of your belt in many assorted ways that can add a chic or sassy factor to your ensemble.
  • If you go vintage (and you know where to get a great deal), you can pimp your jacket at very little cost.
  • It’s a great way to rejuvenate that scarf you love that spends most of its time collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe.

My main advice/tip when buying a scarf to use as a belt, is to take the jacket with you so you can make sure the scarf is long enough to tie up adequately.

Rather than viewing the wandering of your original belt as a loss, see it as an opportunity to add some individuality to your favourite trench coat!

I am a fan of giving my trench coat a retro look. That’s why I love pairing my vintage blue, orange and cream/beige silk print scarf with my trench coat, I think the tones work really well with the beige hue of my jacket…I feel 70s retro-faaaabulous!

trench coat belt replacement

Vintage Silk Print Scarf

trench coat belt replacement

Orange Sunglasses

2. Trench Coat Belt Replacement – Buckle Options

If you’re not convinced with using a scarf as a belt replacement and prefer a buckle. There are some online sites that provide decent options.

Budget-friendly coat belt replacement options

I’d recommend Amazon as they have a filter with this very search query (trench coat belt replacements) and prices start around 10 dollars.

trench coat belt replacement

Black and Gold Studded Buckled Brogues

Trench coat belt replacement

Have a lovely week y’all.


Photographer: Patricia Santos


Trench Coat: Humana Berlin (Old), Brogues: Topshop (Old), Scarves: Animal print scarf worn as belt: Peekaboo Vintage (Gift), Blue and Orange Print Scarf:  Topshop (Vintage), Sunglasses: Quay Australia (Old), Bustier: WYLDR (Old)