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Ask Biki? I’ve Lost The Belt For My Trench Coat, How Do I Replace It?

Trench coat belt replacement query -I had a bit of a wild one last night and discovered I lost the belt to my favourite beige trench coat the following morning.  I’m absolutely gutted… It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll find a matching belt to replace it, but I’m not ready to let go of my jacket: do you have any ideas on how I get a replacement belt? HELP!

This article covers  two key ways to replace your (trench) coat:

  1. Replace your belt with a scarf
  2. Replace your belt with another belt

Trench Coat Belt Replacement Tips

MFSL Answer

Never Fear, Biki Is Here ( :  The same thing happened to me this year, but my story is: I told my brother to take my trench coat to the dry cleaners, and when he returned it: my beloved coat was sans belt. I needed a trench coat belt replacement and I was fuming!  Once I calmed down and put my creative hat on, I decided to use the opportunity to pimp my jacket.

First of all, there is no need to splurge on a new jacket or retrace your footsteps from your ker-azee night.

There are a few alternatives one can use to replace a trench coat belt: a belt with a buckle/tie sash detail, a tie…In this article we will focus on scarf and buckle options. My favourite coat belt replacement is a scarf, so let’s start with that.

1. Trench Coat Belt Replacement – A Scarf

  • It’s a great way to match/contrast the hue of your trench coat by experimenting with texture, colour and pattern.
  • A wide and long silk scarf for example, allows you to tie the loop of your belt in many assorted ways that can add a chic or sassy factor to your ensemble.
  • If you go vintage (and you know where to get a great deal), you can pimp your jacket at very little cost.
  • It’s a great way to rejuvenate that scarf you love that spends most of its time collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe.

My main advice/tip when buying a scarf to use as a belt, is to take the jacket with you so you can make sure the scarf is long enough to tie up adequately.

Rather than viewing the wandering of your original belt as a loss, see it as an opportunity to add some individuality to your favourite trench coat!

I am a fan of giving my trench coat a retro look. That’s why I love pairing my vintage blue, orange and cream/beige silk print scarf with my trench coat, I think the tones work really well with the beige hue of my jacket…I feel 70s retro-faaaabulous!

trench coat belt replacement

Vintage Silk Print Scarf

trench coat belt replacement

Orange Sunglasses

2. Trench Coat Belt Replacement – Belt Options

If you’re not convinced with using a scarf as a belt replacement and prefer an actual belt. There are some online sites that provide decent options.

Budget-friendly coat belt replacement options

I’d recommend Amazon as they have a filter with this very search query (trench coat belt replacements) and prices start around 10 dollars.

Coat Belt Replacement Tip

Here’s a tip that applies to coats regardless of texture – a waist belt with a simple hook fastening also does the trick. The colour and width will depend on the style of your jacket.

coat belt replacement

In these images, I’m wearing a black vintage coat and added a black and gold waist belt to replace the original one and it looks pretty good, ya?

Most womenswear shops carry different style belts – for example, Zara. Personally, I find the best selection in vintage shops (both online and in-store).

coat belt replacement tips

Have a lovely week y’all.


Photographer: Patricia Santos