Watch My Silverbird TV, 'Fashion Special With Biki John' On YouTube!

STV PROMO IMAGEDear Readers, without furtherado, here it is:

I’d be super grateful, if you could share this link on your social media platforms, I want to raise as much awareness as possible for ‘my baby’.

I’m currently fleshing out a 2nd Edition which will be filmed in London, I call this current edition the Pilot Episode: it was my first time producing and presenting and we had to get all the footage in one day (something I’ll NEVER try and do again).  I’m aiming for the next edition to be a lot more ‘Me’ and have more ‘Me’ in it.

Anyhoo, I’d love you to message me your comments, critique, feedback…tell me what you would have liked to see more or seen less of, if you want me to explore certain aspects/topics of Nigerian fashion or fashion in general…feel free to give me a piece of your creative mind!