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What Did You Wear To The C/O Berlin, 'Timeless Beauty, 100 years Of Fashion Photography' Exhibition?

On Friday, August 16th I went to the opening of the C/O Berlin, ‘Timeless Beauty, 100 years of fashion photography’ exhibition.  I had such a good time and it was one of those evenings where I was reminded of just how much I love this city.  For starters, I was put in an extremely good mood when I realised that, that evening, the exhibition was going to be free.  I have never actually been to an exhibition opening before (shocking in my line of work!), so I enjoyed the pomp and ceremony that went into the event which included drinks and food in the courtyard, a live band, speeches et al.

As for the exhibition itself, really, I should go again because although I was surrounded by amazing, moving and iconic images by trailblazing photographers like Lindbergh, Ritts and Ray; I kept prowling through the corridors of the building to take pictures of people.

Here are some of the people that caught my eye-

I’ll start with the lovely Hermano Silva, a fashion photographer friend of mine whose immense knowledge of photography led him to be my ‘Tour Guide Source’ of the evening-

What an attractive couple they made.  Bitch.

I am in the process of working on my Gay Men Vs Straight Men in Berlin post.  Why oh why, is it mostly the gay men that seem to be ambassadors of style in Berlin?

These pretty little things-

How cute is her backpack?

Seeing this man sporting his Burberry Prorsum S/S 12 Ankara print shirt kinda made my night.  For any man who is unsure of how to mix African prints with contemporary wear.  Get out your pen and paper.  Take notes.  This is how it’s done-

Of course I had to jump in and take pictures with him-

Now, Ladies and Gentle Ladies, if I was to go to the ‘other side’, she is the hand I’ll be reaching out for when I take that leap.  I found her unbelievably cool and sexy-

Now he reminded me of Weird Al-

U.S of Stylish A-

These ladies each had a certain Je ne sais quois-

P.s loooooved her-

I grew up watching a lot of 80s soft rock videos, and she reminded me of the numerous blondes I’d see in them wearing next to nothing bouncing all over the place-

Now it wouldn’t be a fashion event, if you didn’t see boys taking a lil’ something something from the girls-

Interesting couple-

Preppy Swagger-

And finally, here is singer, Domino werking it and giving me all kinds of photogenic precision (insert Finger Snap)-